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• 1/12/2019

Hay Lin

just a quick question, but do hay lin and her family live above their restaurant??

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• 9/1/2018

New W.I.T.C.H. fan/wikia member

Hello guys!

I got done watching all the Winx Club series so I thought I watch W.I.T.C.H. afterwards! I'm hoping I'll like this show, if not as much but at least half, like I enjoyed watching Winx! I wanted to know if there was a wikia fan page for W.I.T.C.H. and sure enough, there is! I notice that there isn't that many active members here so..I'll be watching the show and I'll let you guys know my thoughts!
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• 7/8/2018

Dream Castings for a Live Action Movie?

I'm sure this movie has been asked before but if they were to revive the show as a film series who would you want cast in the principle roles that being

Will Vandom
Irma Lair
Taranee Cook
Cornelia Hale
Hay Lin
Yan Lin

If I get enough suggestions I'm going to start a weekly poll on each casting so everyone can decide
Personally I think Anna Kendrick as Cassidy and Lily Collins could be good as Irma and Brenton Thwaites as Caleb if he could play tough convincingly.
Let me know what you think :)
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• 2/10/2018

Hey are there any Slow Motion scenes from this show?

Did this show have and dramatic slow motion scenes? Or like any time slowing magic?
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• 12/11/2016

If W.I.T.C.H. were was revived, how would you like to to be, and why?

Marvel movie, Live action movie, Live action tv show, cartoon tv show, comic, other?
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• 12/1/2016
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