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20 Years of Magic Vol. 3 is an Italian graphic novel published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the comics. It contains five issues of the comics. It was first published on 5th January 2022 by Giunti.[1]


The third volume of W.I.T.C.H. which ends the first arc and starts the second arc. The volume offers the following stories: Issue 011: The Crown of Light, Issue 012: So Be It Forever, Issue 013: I Know Who You Are, Issue 014: The End of a Dream and Issue 015: The Courage to Choose. With the conclusion of the first arc, the little witches have fulfilled their mission: to return the throne of Meridian to the legitimate heir, Elyon. The Council of Wise Men reminds the Guardians to be ready in case a new danger calls for their magical intervention.[1]


Bonus content

This volume contains introductions from several people:

  • Chiara Colasanti
  • Augusto Macchetto
  • Paolo Campinoti