A Service to The Community is the fifth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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While helping out in Community Service Day, Will and Hay Lin find a strange Meridian graffiti which the Mage identifies as belonging to a beast, living in Heatherfield in human form. Will suspects her new History teacher, Professor Collins, and the girls immediately formulate a plot to force the suspected monster into revealing his true form.

The plan goes well until it turns out Collins is not the beast. They fly him back home, accidentally dropping him onto trampolines and into swimming pools on more than one occasion. In the B-story, Will's mother and Professor Collins start dating.


  • The girls are wearing different clothes before and after the flashback to last year's Community Service Day.
  • When Martin's job is announced, his hair is brown, not orange.
  • Taranee and Will are pushing Dean Collins in a wheelbarrow, but when Will talks to Hay Lin, she is walking alongside Taranee while Irma has taken her place.
  • When Taranee looks at the lizard in the terrarium at Dean Collins' house, it is the size of a salamander, but when the lizard is out of the tank and on the chair Dean sits in, it is the size of an iguana.


  • This episode marks the first appearances of the characters Professor Dean Collins, Elizabeth Hale, and the Mage, as well as the locations Cedric's bookstore and the Infinite City.
  • This is the second time that, when the girls transform, they do not say the name of their elements. The transformation sequence is also shortened in this episode.
  • It is revealed that, in the previous year, Irma had to work in a sewer (which has water in it) and Cornelia had to work at the monkey cages (which have trees and plants, which relate to earth).
  • The famous magician David Copperfield is mentioned in this episode.

Behind the scenes




Ancient One, we need your help.

The Mage:

Ah, you are the Guardians of the Veil.


Yes, sir. [correcting herself] Yes, ma'am. 

The Mage:

And the message? [Hay Lin shows the writing on her arm.] Ah, the writing of the beasts. 

Hay Lin:

What does it say? [The Mage translates the writing onto Hay Lin's other arm.] "You are still undetected. Begin your search for the girl." 

The Mage:

A beast is in your town in human form. It will try to get close to you, Guardians. 


[after a flashback to meeting Dean at home] How can you tell them from humans? 

The Mage:

Touch a beast with the Heart of Kandrakar and it shows its true form.     

Why am I even here?


I think the phrase you're all searching for is... "You were right, Caleb."



Hey. You're only supposed to transform for emergencies.


Well, what do you call pushing a wet, unconscious man up a hill in a wheelbarrow at midnight? [the wheelbarrow falls over] Sorry.


Unnecessary, if you'd listened to me.               


The cricket mystery solved. Mr. Scales.


If anyone tells Caleb he was right about this, she is out of the group!                


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