Alc​hemy (voiced by Lauren Tom[1]) is a supporting character in the TV series. She does not appear in the comics nor does she have a counterpart.


Alchemy is one of the best friends of Elyon and Cornelia who is in the same classes with them, and seems to be the least feminine of them all, however she is one of the most sensitive of the girls. Whenever she is upset, she gets cheered by listening to real depressing music. She has a small cat for a pet.


In the second season, her role is only prominent early in the season as she gets worried over Elyon's super-long "vacation" and convinces Knickerbocker to start an investigation, causing a lot of trouble for the W.I.T.C.H. girls, who were believed by the authorities to have done something with Elyon. To stop all this, Elyon decides to go back and forth from Meridian to finish the school year. When Elyon leaves Heatherfield once and for all, Alchemy is very upset. She later appears in the Battle of the Bands, being the lead singer in a group called Alchemy and the Grumpers[2]. Alchemy is shown to have a small crush on Caleb when she saw him at Will's surprise birthday party in season one.

Episode Appearance

  • "Happy Birthday Will" (first appearance)
  • "Divide and Conquer" (mentioned)
  • "The Mudslugs"
  • "C is for Changes"
  • "H is for Hunted"
  • "S is for Self"


  • In Divide and Conquer, Alchemy's surname, Ethel, is possibly revealed, when Cedric tries to force Blunk to tell him where the 'one with the red hair' is, Blunk gives another name, 'Ethel', stating that she is in Denmark on holiday. Given Blunk's speech mannerisms and him not knowing Alchemy that well, it is possible that, as no other red-headed characters are seen attending Sheffield Institute, he could be referring to Alchemy's surname, which would make her full name Alchemy Ethel. However, it is possible that Blunk is referring to another person, who the audience are not introduced to or is simply choosing a name at random due to fear of Cedric.
  • Alchemy was meant to, along with several other supporting characters, have a bigger role in the planned 3rd season of W.I.T.C.H.[citation needed] However, since the third season was cancelled, it is unclear what kind of role she would have had, as well as whether or not she would have become aware of secrets such as the Guardians and Elyon's queenship.



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