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This is W.I.T.C.H.ipedia's article on the TV series species. For the comics species which some English translations use the same name, see Changeling.

An Altermere is a species in the W.I.T.C.H. universe, which only appeared in the TV series. An Altermere is an Astral Drop that has been given life via Quintessence.


Powers and abilities

An Altermere will have the exact powers of the person who they are based on.[1] As Altermeres also gain the feelings of this person, the two are capable of finishing each other's sentences.[2] Unlike Astral Drops, they do not fade away when "Astral Drop" is said; they are actual living beings with feelings, emotions and memories.[1]


Will created an Astral Drop to do her chores for her, but Nerissa upgraded it into an Altermere, giving it a soul of its own, as well as all of Will's feelings, emotions and powers. The Altermere lived Will's life for a short time and grew attached to it. Unfortunately, Will still thought it was an Astral Drop, and hunted it down to reabsorb it into the Heart of Kandrakar, thinking it won't care. She and the other Guardians cornered her on the school football field. Will insulted her by saying she has no emotions and doesn't feel anything, which made her cry and attack Will out of fear of being destroyed. After the Altermere was subdued, Will finally realized that she was alive, and released her. The Altermere forgave Will, and they shared a touching moment, but this ended when Nerissa fired a lightning blast at the two of them. The Altermere took the blast to defend Will, but was fatally injured and begins to disappear. Will decided to absorb her Altermere into herself so that her memories, emotions, and feelings could live on in her.[1]

Yan Lin and her Altermere escaped their prison and came to live on Earth, where she was introduced to Hay Lin's parents as Yan Lin's "long-lost twin sister Mira". As an almost perfect duplicate, Yan Lin and Altermere Yan Lin, now Mira Lin, had a habit of finishing each other's sentences.[2]