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Ambush At Torus Filney is the eighth episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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Phobos and Cedric start a rumor about the Seal of Phobos only to trap Caleb with a sand monster called Sandpit (Wild sand that sucked in himself all those who approached and him) to find out whether there is a spy in the castle or not. In the B-story, W.I.T.C.H. have a performance at the school, but after discovering Caleb is in danger, they create Astral Drops. After the real girls leave, the Astral Drops ruin the performance. The guardians rescued Caleb and turned the sand in to glass and made it possible for the villagers to leave in peace and for the children to play on the sand glass.

Comics connections

  • This episode bears similarities to issue 9 of the comics, with the girls starring in a play called The Four Dragons.
  • In the comics, Xin Jing isn't the daughter of the Jade Emperor as is the case in the show.


  • When Irma sits on her step-ladder (during rehearsal for the school play), she has paint smeared on her pants, but in the following scene her pants are clean.
  • When Caleb says "Don't touch the ground or the walls.", Hay Lin's top is pink instead of teal.


Behind the scenes


Scientific facts

Silicon plus heat equals glass.

Taranee Cook