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W.I.T.C.H. season 1 episode 8 "Ambush At Torus Filney" transcript
Character Dialogue
[birds squawk]
[animal snorts]
Caleb Now!
Castle Guard Hey!
[men shout]
[animal snorts]
Aldarn Down with Phobos and with tyranny.
Castle Guard Hey.
Aldarn You sure that's your thickest glass?
Caleb Food for everyone! This was one victory. We need many more to turn the tide against our oppressor. Eat well tonight!
[crowd cheer]
Aldarn Caleb, do you have any more of that chocolate from Earth? For the little ones.
Caleb I'll return tomorrow.
Lord Cedric Double the guards on every delivery into the castle and on every lookout.
Prince Phobos What went wrong?
Lord Cedric They knew our routes. I can't fight on two flanks, the Guardians plus the rebels.
Prince Phobos Our movements are anticipated, supplies interrupted. How do I find the spy among them?
Lord Cedric Spread a rumour. Pretend something extraordinary has been found. If a rebel comes looking, not only do we trap him, your suspicion is confirmed.
Prince Phobos Good. And I know just the object to lure their leader into the open.
[all groan]
Cornelia Hale Can't we transform and fly up?
Will Vandom We can't risk being seen just cos you decided to wear heels today.
Taranee Cook [groans]
Caleb [electronic buzzing]
Blunk Captain Blunk report.
Caleb Don't pretend you have a higher goal. You find me portals, I pay you.
Blunk [gasps]
Caleb Oh, hi, girls.
Will Vandom Caleb, when you find an open portal, you're supposed to tell us.
Caleb Normally I would, but I need this one open a little longer. I'm sure you understand.
Will Vandom Absolutely. That's why I'm sure you'll understand me doing this.
Caleb No. I'm taking chocolate back... to little children.
Blunk Yes, it's tragic.
Caleb [groans]
Will Vandom What's that poster over there?
[all] Uh...
Irma Lair Drama night.
Cornelia Hale Every year, four groups of kids... I'm sorry, losers, put on these mini plays on a theme.
Taranee Cook The parents and grandparents come. It's a whole big loser thing.
Cornelia Hale More like a lamefest.
Hay Lin Great news. I signed us up to do a play for drama night.
Lord Cedric Captain of the guard, I have remarkable news. The Seal of Phobos has been found.
[all gasp]
The Seal? After all these years?
Lord Cedric It was near the outpost at Torus Filney. I want 100 riders in three days' time to bring it safely back to the castle. What I have just told you must not become general knowledge.
Castle Guard Yeah, the Seal of Phobos.
Trill Apparently, an old caretaker's had it for years. He doesn't even know what it is.
[guttural chatter]
Castle Guard Imagine the power Phobos'll have once he gets it. The Seal can open anything. The Veil between worlds, the Infinite City, the ancient Book of Secrets. Where'd Vathek go?
[distant siren]
Hay Lin Don't you think it'll be fun?
Cornelia Hale No.
Taranee Cook Why'd you sign up to do a play and then drag us into it?
Hay Lin So I can design the cool costumes. And cos I need someone to be in them.
Caleb What's this?
Taranee Cook Ice-cream cone. You unwrap the paper and eat it.
Cornelia Hale So what's the theme?
Hay Lin Mythology.
[all groan]
Hay Lin Grandma, we get to pick our own myth for the school play. Do you know any good ones?
Yan Lin Well, as it so happens, I do. Long ago, there was a kingdom ruled by a powerful but uncaring Jade Emperor. Working for this emperor were four magnificent dragons. The beautiful nymph, Xin Jing, the emperor's daughter, was greatly worried for the people, for a famine had been on the land many months. The dragons took pity on the people. Two of them boiled the water from the ocean, and the others helped lift it to the skies.
[all cheer]
Yan Lin The terrible drought was ended. But the emperor was enraged. How dare the dragons act without his permission? He ordered them locked inside four mountains.
Xin Jing Your cruelty is equal only to your arrogance.
Yan Lin His beloved Xin Jing told the emperor she was joining the dragons.
Xin Jing [roars]
Yan Lin And all that was left to remember her by was a crystal amulet.
Will Vandom The origin of our powers.
Hay Lin That's our play.
Cornelia Hale So I'm obviously the nymph, right?
Caleb This isn't too bad, but it made a real mess on my shoes.
Hay Lin We've only got three dragons. I need one more. Taranee?
Taranee Cook Uh-uh. I get stage fright.
Irma Lair Stage fright, height fright, imported-cheese fright.
Hay Lin Cornelia?
Cornelia Hale You cannot put this face under a dragon mask.
Taranee Cook The crystal. What do you think?
Will Vandom [laughs]
Blunk [screams]
Will Vandom Blunk?
Blunk Flap, flap. Blunk cute birdy.
Will Vandom Get them off him.
Blunk Play? Love plays. Blunk play prince. People worship Blunk.
Irma Lair There's no prince in the play.
Taranee Cook But we do need another dragon. It doesn't have to be a tall dragon. And he's in a costume and mask.
Hay Lin Works for me.
Blunk Knew real dragon once. Wanted egg back. Bit uncle's butt off. Never the same.
Caleb Please, Will, can I use the portal now? I'm a rebel leader. I don't have time to ask a bunch of girls for permission.
Blunk Hey, there! What? Only Blunk.
Caleb What are you wearing?
Blunk Blunk rehearsal. Treasures. Blunk star. Blunk have message.
Caleb From who?
Blunk Big blue thing tell Blunk cousin. Blunk tell you.
Caleb Big blue? Vathek? And it's at Torus Filney? This news could turn the whole rebellion around.
Blunk What is Seal?
Caleb The Seal of Phobos. It's a small metal talisman with a royal crest about this big. It can open anything that's closed, reveal anything that's hidden. It can split holes in the Veil.
Blunk Uh-oh. Blunk out of business.
Caleb Trust you to see the big picture. It was stolen from Phobos 12 years ago by a mysterious woman who captured the heir to the throne in order to protect the infant and use the Seal to cross to Earth.
[baby cries]
Lurden [snarls]
Caleb Phobos has been searching for the heir and the Seal ever since. With it, his powers would be fearsome, but if I had it, I could cross the Veil any time I wanted. He's assembling a squadron to fetch it. I have to get there first. The next portal that opens, tell me before the Guardians.
[fly buzzes]
Blunk Ah.
Cornelia Hale Then I say, "Thank you, O four dragons." There's only three. Where's you-know-what?
Blunk [panting] Sorry late. Had to show Caleb er... something.
Lord Cedric You are the second to express interest in this metal talisman. Six years ago I found it. Is it valuable?
Caleb You'll be well rewarded.
[wind blows]
Caleb What? I'm sinking! Help me!
Lord Cedric So, Phobos' suspicions are confirmed. Now as the sands of Torus Filney consume you, I must go find the traitor who passed you this news.
Caleb [groans]
Yan Lin Girls. Girls! Girls! Caleb's in danger. He went to Meridian and left me this note.
Yan Lin If the Seal had been found, Phobos wouldn't wait to retrieve it. It is a trap.
Will Vandom How did Caleb find a portal?
Blunk [whistles]
Will Vandom What's that? You showed him?
Blunk No Blunk here, only dragon.
Will Vandom We have to go.
Hay Lin We can't walk out on our own play. We'll get expelled.
Yan Lin No. No, you won't. Will, hold the Heart and repeat these words. Spord lartsa.
Will Vandom Spord lartsa? What did that do?
Yan Lin These are your astral-drop doubles. When you repeat their name again but forwards, they will disappear. They're identical to you.
Not 100%. I don't have any split ends.
Cornelia Hale So they save Caleb and we do the play?
Taranee Cook Erm, I think it's the other way around.
Will Vandom Weird, but they are identical. Let's go.
Yan Lin Oops. Except they don't know the play.
[electrical buzzing]
Will Vandom It's up there. Guardians, unite. The Earth.
Irma Lair Water.
Taranee Cook Fire.
Cornelia Hale Earth.
Hay Lin Air.
Hay Lin I don't see anything.
Will Vandom [screams] Quicksand!
[all groan]
[girl] A boy fell in the sands.
Irma Lair What was that?
Cornelia Hale Then why don't you have it roped off?
It moves.
Taranee Cook Great. A wandering man-eating sandpit.
Will Vandom How long ago did the boy fall in?
Our brother Michael fell in, too. That was a long time ago.
Yan Lin Read this.
"Taranee reads dramatically." "Long ago, four dragons chased through the sky above an ancient sea."
And they danced a dragon dance.
Blunk Blunk ad-lib too. Dragon dance.
Will Vandom We've gotta go in.
Taranee Cook We've gotta what?
Will Vandom But we need something to pull ourselves back out with.
Irma Lair Here goes nothing.
"The dragons took pity on the starving peasants."
Look at the poor peasants and their horrible ugly clothes.
Caleb Don't touch the ground or the walls.
Taranee Cook Oh, wow. Look.
Caleb I was tricked. I'm sorry, OK? Just get me out.
Will Vandom Look out.
Cornelia Hale Help! [screams]
Taranee Cook We've got to save the others, too.
"So the four dragons brought rain to the people."
Yan Lin No. The fake confetti rain.
Blunk [jabbers] Ride 'em, Blunk!
Michael, you're OK. Did you get our ball?
[all shout]
Blunk Towel for money?
Yan Lin Where'd he get towels?
Taranee Cook OK, stand back.
[all cheer]
Taranee Cook Silicon plus heat equals glass. Let's see its wandering sandy butt move now.
Cornelia Hale I wonder how our astral drops did?
Hay Lin It's really not fair. They did all the work and we'll get all the glory. Caleb's fine. How'd the play go? Grandma?
Blunk Buster gangs!
Will Vandom Astral drops.
Hay Lin Listen to that. It was all your writing, Taranee.
Taranee Cook No, it was your costumes, Hay Lin.
Cornelia Hale Curtain call.
Yan Lin Sorry. Curtain.
Principal Knickerbocker I hope you enjoyed yourselves. You won't be doing a play next year. You'll still be in detention from this year.
Hay Lin But the costumes were OK?
Caleb Sorry. The good news is at least Phobos doesn't have the Seal.
Lord Cedric The traitor will be unmasked. I want a list of all who left the castle yesterday.