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Andrew Hornby (voiced by Bryne Offutt[1]) is a recurring character in W.I.T.C.H. He appears in both the comics and the TV series, being Irma Lair's not-so-secret crush.


In the comics, Andrew was a popular boy in the ninth grade at Sheffield Institute, noted for his blond hair. Not much was shown of his personality, but he did love beautiful older girls and acted a little too forward on a first meeting, only to be turned to a frog.[2]

In the TV series, Andrew is a cool, popular senior with brown hair and a dark voice. He cares about people respecting one another[3] and is against objectifying people.[4] He greatly enjoys dressing up for Halloween, though he told the whole school it was for babies to seem cool.[5]



Andrew liked to frequent a music club, Zot, where one night he was approached by a beautiful mystery girl (Irma in her Guardian body). He immediately fell in love with her, inviting her to dance and talk all night long. When it was time to leave, Andrew offered her a ride in his car but also tried to kiss her. At this unwelcome advance, Irma panicked and accidentally turned him into a frog, though he still had blond hair on his head. Frog-Andrew, frightened by what happened, jumped out of the window and hopped away.[2]

The frog boy made his way to the swamp but since Irma couldn’t admit what she had done to the other Guardians, he remained there for about a week. His parents were frantic, the police investigated the school and his image was put on milk cartons.[2]

Eventually Irma confessed what she had done and with the rest of W.I.T.C.H., they went to the swamp to finally find Andrew. They picked him out by his blond hair and Irma was given the task of changing him back. Her hope was that she wouldn’t have to kiss him to break the spell.[2] Andrew was eventually changed back to normal and returned home.

Andrew attended the Sheffield Anniversary assembly, bored like the rest of his classmates. When it was over, a beautiful older girl entered the campus, looking for her cousin, Irma. “Irma” (actually an Astral Drop) introduced the girl as “Stella” (actually Irma in Guardian form again). Andrew eagerly came up to meet her, but noticed she looked very familiar. "Stella" declared she might have seen him somewhere, though their interaction was ended by the arrival of an angry Will Vandom. She dragged “Stella” away, though the older girl told Andrew she would see him later, which the boy eagerly agreed to.[6]

Following, an issue with her powers scared Irma from ever repeating this tactic. Andrew never saw “Stella” again.

When the Oracle showed W.I.T.C.H. an alternate future if they were to retire as Guardians, Andrew had become a grumpy, unfit worker for Heatherfield City Hall. It was his job to foreclose Galgheita Rudolph’s house as it was declared legally abandoned. The previous owner, "Rebecca Rudolph", had long disappeared and though the adult W.I.T.C.H. had been living in the house for years, they had no documentation for it. As he argued with Will on the sidewalk, the others arrived and on seeing Irma, he became more agreeable in letting the girls at least pack their belongings before they have to vacate. He left very quickly after this and the Guardians suspected he feared Irma, perhaps recalling the time she turned him into a frog. [7]

When Irma was trying to tell her new boyfriend, Stephen, of her powers, he couldn’t believe that magic was real. To show him, she changed him into a toad, reminiscent of how she changed Andrew Hornby. She’d improved by this time as he didn’t have human hair.[8] Irma went on to tell Stephen her misadventures in magic, including what she did to Andrew. She used this as a warning that dating could get difficult, though Stephen was not dissuaded.[9]


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  • In the TV series, Andrew bears resemblance to Matt's design from the comics.