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Andrew Nicholls is an English-Canadian TV producer and writer based in the United States. He served as co-showrunner with Darrell Vickers (officially credited as "supervisory producers") for season 1 of the TV series, and also co-wrote 11 episodes of the season, including the first 5 episodes as well as the finale.

Outside the W.I.T.C.H. franchise, he is primarily known for his other television writing collaborations with Vickers. Together they served as the head writers of the final years of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and also produced and wrote for a number of Canadian animated series.

Behind the scenes

During the show's run, Nicholls provided a significant amount of background information on the production of the season:

  • His book Valuable Lessons includes a full chapter about the production of the TV series, and many additional details throughout.[1]
  • He also gave an interview with unique background information not found in the book to Thinking 'Toon.[2]
  • In addition, Nicholls participated in fan discussions about the series on the Toon Zone (now Anime Superhero) forums.[3]


All of the following credits are shared with Darrell Vickers.


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