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Annihilators are humanoid beings that appear in both the W.I.T.C.H. comics and TV series. They are nearly unstoppable humanoid juggernauts, capable of causing mass destruction. They possess superhuman strength and have the ability to fire energy beams from their eyes at enemies.


In the comics, the Annihilators appear to be tall humanoids that resemble the Meridianites (namely Cedric and Daltar). They wear green hoods and light-greenish-brown robes. They have the symbol of the Meridian royal family or the Seal of Phobos on their hoods and belts.[1]

In the TV series, they appear more Golem-like, with greyish-black granite-like skin. Their clothes are also completely greyish-black and their faces are not visible, only a small hole from which laser like beams shoot.[2]



In the comics, the Annihilators were created by Phobos and served as soldiers in his army with magical abilities. They are powerful forms of murmurers that were created to help control the crowds at Elyon's coronation.[1] They were used to fight against the Guardians to keep them from reaching the castle, and defeating Phobos.[3] They were presumably defeated at the same time as Phobos.

TV series

In the TV series, the Annihilators were created by Nerissa as an unstoppable army using Elyon's essence. Nerissa planned on using them to keep Elyon in Meridian. They destroyed anyone and anything that stood in their way, as they headed for the castle, they could only be stopped when Elyon was on Meridian, as their existence was tied to Elyon, the Annihilators could not exist when Elyon was nearby. They were destroyed when Will discovered that her new power would stop them from reforming (likely due to Quintessence being part of their anatomy).[2]


  • The Annihilators' TV appearance seem to resemble the Asgardian Destroyer from Marvel Comics.


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