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Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds is the 3rd arc in the comics.


Crisis after crisis threatens to break up the girls once and for all. Will's father, Thomas Vandom, returns into her life after years of absence, and his intentions are anything but loving and trustful.[1] Later, Taranee went on strike because she felt that the Oracle was using them to carry out his missions and sentences.[2] A new character, Orube, joined the remaining Guardians on their new mission to defeat a new enemy; Ari, the powerful lord of Arkhanta.[3]


Ari's son, Maqi, seemingly suffered from a strange disorder since birth, and the Oracle refused to help Ari cure his son. Angered and blinded by rage, Ari captured a banshee named Yua, and tried to use her wish-granting ability to oppose the Oracle and Kandrakar (but it could not be done). The longer Yua was held prisoner as Ari's slave, the stronger and more powerful Ari became, and soon, he would have enough magical strength, energy, and power to overthrow the Oracle.[3] Taranee later rejoined the group and together, they were able to defeat Ari and set Yua free.[4]

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Liberated, Yua kidnapped Maqi because she wanted Ari to suffer for keeping her imprisoned. Ari and the Guardians followed her into the swamp where she and the other banshees live and fought them to bring Maqi back. However, Maqi was nearly killed during the confusion of the battle. He was later saved and cured when the Guardians and Orube offered their magical gifts from the nymph Xin Jing to him.[4]

Although their mission in Arkhanta was successful, the girls had other problems on Earth which needed their attention. Interpol discovered the secret of the Guardians and wanted to capture them and use their powers.[5] As if that was not enough, the girls' Astral Drops decided to rebel after months of being taken advantage of by the Guardians. The Astral Drops started to cause numerous problems between the Guardians' families, teachers, and boyfriends[6] and eventually they ran away to another city.[7] The Guardians later recaptured the Astral Drops and decided to liberate them from slavery by letting live their own lives in a new place, unknown to the Guardians.[8]



  • Season 3 of the TV series would have focused on this arc had it gone forward.