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Arc 4: Trial of the Oracle is the fourth arc of the comics.


The members of the Congregation were questioning the Oracle's recent actions, and he shocked everyone by putting himself on trial. The Guardians are called in to recall his recent unsatisfactory deeds and he was later found guilty by Endarno and was banished back into his home world, Basilíade.[1]

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Back home in Heatherfield, Will confronted Orube and Matt,[1] while Principal Knickerbocker went to drastic measures to raise the girls' grades at Sheffield Institute. In Kandrakar, the Council elected Endarno the new Oracle.[2] After Endarno has been chosen, he made the life of the Guardians difficult by trying to prove to the Congregation that they are too young and immature.[3] He also convinced the Congregation that Elyon, the queen and the Light of Meridian, was dangerous and unfit to rule over Metamoor.[4]

The dark essence of Prince Phobos himself, in the physical body of Endarno.

Endarno tried to get the Guardians to arrest their old friend and bring him the Crown of Light, but W.I.T.C.H. managed to hide Elyon from him by smuggling her back to Earth and had Orube protect her.[4] Moreover, Endarno is someone other than he appears to be... an old enemy coming back for revenge and a bigger thirst for power. Elyon and Yan Lin discovered that Endarno is actually Prince Phobos who had been using Endarno's body in his new quest for power and revenge.[5][6]

Orube went to Basiliade in order to find the previous Oracle, now living under his old name, Himerish. Together, they returned to Earth to meet with the Guardians and they tried to free Elyon from her prison and put a stop to Cedric and Phobos before Phobos, still disguised as Endarno, was formally instated as the Oracle.[6]

Himerish was able to locate the real Endarno and he, in turn, revealed to the Council that the Endarno that they knew was Phobos in his body. Elyon returned to power on her world, Cedric was taken back in the Tower of Mist, and Phobos, rather than being locked up in prison again, threw himself into the endless void of Kandrakar.[7]