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Arc 5: The Book of Elements is the 5th arc of the comics.


The five elements themselves have something in store for the girls: their powers are growing even stronger and each Guardian discovered new and much stronger magical abilities, yet their elemental powers are going out of control. Even the Triumvirate of Kandrakar did not have full understanding of it.[1]

At the same time, Cedric had his magical strength and power removed and got a second chance from the Oracle. He returned to Ye Olde Bookshop to live a decent life, under supervision from the Guardians.[2] Nevertheless, he searched for a way to regain his powers in hopes of getting revenge on the Guardians. He found his luck in the Book of Elements, written by Johnathan Ludmoore.[3]

Jonathan Ludmoore was an alchemist who came from Metamoor and was a servant of Prince Phobos who had sent him to Heatherfield in order to open the twelve portals. After completing his mission, Ludmoore discovered that the city is a place where all five elements meet and he chose to stay.[1] He wrote his findings on the elements in what would become the Book of the Elements but it became sentient and trapped Ludmoore inside his own book.[4]

After Matt was swallowed by the Book of Elements, the Guardians had to cooperate with Cedric in order to save Matt. The book gave them riddles as clues and the Guardians had to use these riddles to look for the scattered elemental stones.[5] Endarno warned the Guardians that in order to capture these stones, they would have to face the Elemental Guards that stand and protect them.[4] One by one, the girls were able to find the stones,[6][7][8] and back in the bookstore, Cedric and Orube slowly began to care for one another.

However, the Guardians, Cedric, and Orube were sucked into the world of the book when Will refused to surrender the Heart of Kandrakar, the fifth and final elemental stone.[8] Cedric was later killed by Ludmoore and dissolved into ink when he tried to protect Orube from Ludmoore's deadly gaze.[9] The Guardians later found Matt and managed to defeat Ludmoore once and for all. While Orube mourned Cedric's death, Will's mother, Susan Vandom, married her history teacher, Dean Collins.[10] Orube left the group permanently and a magical portal in the shape of the Heart of Kandrakar later appeared in the basement of Ye Olde Bookshop.[11]