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New Power is the seventh story arc of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.


The Guardians must face an ancient enemy – Dark Mother. She was once Meter, the Queen of Spring who made flowers bloom but when she became corrupted by her pride, she became Dark Mother and attacked Kandrakar. She was defeated by the other Elemental Queens of water, fire and air, and was cast off into the dark void,[1] where she continued to wait, patiently chained underground for the moment she would be freed. In silence, Dark Mother sent a seed and planted it in Kandrakar where it served as her infiltrator in the Fortress.[2]

Each Guardian received her New Power form, which gave them much stronger magic, new costumes and somewhat different hairstyles. Matt, who revealed that he had always known about their powers, began to serve as their new trainer and mentor after being tasked by the Oracle to prepare them for their upcoming battle.[3] One by one, the Guardians found the root of their elements and obtained control over their new powers.[3][4][1][5][6]

Meanwhile, Dark Mother escaped (due to unintentional help from Will)[6] and set off to punish and control the Council of Kandrakar. Thanks to the seed which she had planted beforehand, Dark Mother enslaved the all of Kandrakar's council, except for Yan Lin.[7] The Guardians later faced her in one last battle and Dark Mother was sealed in a stone tomb.[8] Himerish relinquished his position as Oracle to Yan Lin who was the only councillor who foresaw the coming threat of Dark Mother and left without saying goodbye.[9]