Arc 9: 100% WITCH is the 9th Saga in the W.I.T.C.H. comic series.

Brief Summary

Starting from issue #97 of the previous saga, each issue has its own story. The Guardians now faces their daily problems from families, friends, and school. The stories ranged from facing their first day of returning to Sheffield Institute to finding out more about both of their parents’ pasts and abilities. At the same time, they must face several new enemies who wanted to destroy them. Many of these villains included the Runics, a group of five evil wizards who control the dark powers of the elements; and Nihila, the Queen of Darkness who desire to weave and control everyone’s destinies with her magical Loom. The series also introduced new missions where the Guardians must assist the beings of the natural worlds; from listening to the voice of the Earth to helping Mareeve, the Saarineen from marrying King of the Sharks, Orristur. Later on, the stories ranged from Dean's parents returning to Hay Lin and her family celebrating Chinese New Year.


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