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Ardehl is an elder Meridianite who plays a supporting role in the special issue Elyon: Return of the Queen.


When Elyon and Vathek were captured by Rascal's people, they were separated and Elyon was imprisoned with an old Meridianite - Ardehl. He explained that during the reign of Phobos, people were forcefully enlisted into his army and that Ardehl led a small community to build an underground secret base where they were free from Phobos's tyrannical rule.[1]

But when was getting old, an independent Whisperer named Rascal offered his help and eventually convinced the people that Ardehl was no longer capable of leading. Ardehl was stripped of his authority and the power was seized by Rascal. As Rascal was keeping his people in the dark about Phobos' defeat and the new queen, Elyon finally rose up against Rascal and revealed the new status of the Metamoor. Ardehl and his people learned the truth and began to live a new life.[1]