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Ari is a main villain in the Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds of the W.I.T.C.H. comics. He is the Lord of Arkhanta who transformed the land by capturing the banshee Yua.

He and his son Maqi later reappear as part of the supporting cast in later arcs.


Ari has blue eyes and short dark blue hair with a single braid coming from the back of his head. In the front, a small tuft of his hair is a lighter blue. He has tanned skin and appears to be well-built, both are probably because of his former occupation as a farmer.




Ari was a young farmer in the world of Arkhanta who lived a life of labor and toils. His wife, whom he loved dearly, Jamayeda, died giving birth to his son, Maqi, who had a condition which made him unable to connect with other people as most other children did. Believing it to be an illness, Ari searched incessantly for a way to rid of his son's strange affliction, consulting the land's wisest physicians and scholars, but none of them could help the boy.[1]

Ari then followed the legend of the banshees and caught Yua to help his son. Yet for all her power, Yua was not able to grant Ari's wish, because her magic extended only to material wishes. Devastated, Ari instead wished for the Scarlet Stronghold, an enormous palace that would serve as their home, and sufficient wealth to satisfy any earthly desire his son could have. Lastly, he wished for the banshee's eternal servitude, and she could not refuse.[1]

With Yua's powers, Ari soon became Lord of Arkhanta[1] and greatly improved the life of his fellow farmers by transforming the land. For this, the people of the land came to love him and respect him.[2]

Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds

Time and time again, Ari made pleas to the Oracle of Kandrakar. The Oracle, however, reasoned that giving Ari what he wanted was not the Oracle's role. Appalled and frustrated, Ari eventually declared war on Kandrakar, hoping that the Oracle would reconsider. The threat of Ari's power grew more and more concerning, especially when Kandrakar's ambassadors arrived from Arkhanta with mental trauma that caused them to act out violently and told the Oracle "It's all your fault", clearly reflecting Ari's views. Hence, the Guardians were tasked by the Oracle to try to peacefully negotiate and free the banshee from Ari's control, thereby stripping him of his power.[1]

Eventually, the Guardians (including Orube) freed Yua. But Yua, bitter against Ari for the time that she spent as his prisoner, not only undid Ari's wishes, but also kidnapped Maqi. Though reluctant at first, Ari agreed to work with the Guardians to rescue Maqi.Guided by Ari, the group went to the Banshee Swamps, where the banshees, Yua's sisters, confronted them. Eventually Yua appeared with Maqi in her arms, which caused Ari to attack her. In the struggle, Maqi fell from a great height, stunning everyone around them.[3]

Ari angrily shielded his then-dying son from everyone else, but with the Guardians' advice, he allowed them to come near Maqi. The Guardians eventually figured out that they could give him the Gift of Xin Jing, a healing power that came with Guardianship. The power not only healed Maqi from near death, but also granted Ari's wish for him as Maqi began to talk. Ari then let go of his hatred toward the Oracle.[3]

Unknown arc

Ari later reappeared when the Guardians visited Arkhanta as ambassadors of Kandrakar. He and Maqi greeted them in the reconstructed Scarlet Stronghold. The two invited the girls to participate in the popular games of the world. While W.I.T.C.H. performed rather poorly and hilariously, Ari and Maqi still congratulated them.[citation needed]