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Aridia is a planet in the TV series. Due to its brief appearance very little is known about this world though it serves to show worlds outside of the main narrative.


Aridia is a vast world with canyons, filled with rock giants, and is dominated by its scarlet skies where other planets or moons can be seen.[1]


Nerissa visited Aridia with her Guardians and used the Seal of Nerissa to find the Heart of Aridia, which she said had no Guardians to protect it and saw as an easy target. She disguised herself as a rock creature like the Heart and tried to trick him into giving up the Heart, though left before she succeeded.[1]


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There exists the Heart of Aridia which is the very center and vessel of the planet's natural energies. The heart is a large stone creature who Nerissa tried to trick into giving her the heart.[1]


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