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Arkhanta is a small world in the cosmos where the Guardians were sent in Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds as messengers of Kandrakar. Similar to life in Meridian, many of the people of Akrhanta live simple and peaceful lives as farmers. Aside from the plains, the woods, and waterfalls, there are swamps, which house the beautiful and powerful but ruthless banshees.


Ari was a young farmer in the world of Arkhanta who lived a life of labor and toils. After the death of his wife, Jamayeda, and the knowledge of Maqi's supposed illness, he began to search for a cure. When the wisest men in the land couldn't help Maqi, Ari decided to capture a banshee to pursue the legend of the three wishes that the creature might grant. However, the banshee Yua couldn't cure Maqi. Instead, with Yua's powers, Ari built the Scarlet Stronghold, amassed a treasury, and made himself the Lord of Arkhanta.[1]

Ruled by grief, anger, and frustration, Ari declared war against Kandrakar, believing that the Oracle was heartless enough to turn a blind eye to Maqi's condition.[1] Despite that, the Guardians managed to free Yua from the Ari's capture. When Yua left, Ari lost all of his possessions and the Scarlet Stronghold, but the people kept him as their Lord.[2]

Citizen profile

The citizens of Arkhanta appear with red, blonde, or blue hair that is often kept in braids or buns, and they are dressed in greens, browns, and grays. Many of them are farmers like Ari, but some of them are physicians or scholars. They also seem to be warm and joyous people, despite their simple living.[3]

The people of Arkhanta also coexist with magical creatures, but they are most afraid of the banshees.[citation needed] No one had succeeded capturing a banshee for themself before Ari,[1] but the people also fear the consequences of releasing a captured banshee.[3]

The people also think Ari to be a good ruler, because he was a poor farmer like them, but he used Yua's powers to make the land bountiful and help other farmers like him.[3]


Arkhanta 1.jpg

In Arkhanta, coexisting with regular straw or wooden roofed houses are structures that resemble rice granaries and silos. The exterior walls are mostly white while the domed roofs are red or blue.[3]

The Scarlet Stronghold is a grand complex of wide palaces over a hill, from where a waterfall flows.[1]

Culture and customs

The people celebrate a harvest festival to show their appreciation for Ari, by bringing gifts and their harvest to the town of Urdath to show their thanks and appreciation. Urdath serves famous black grapes and its village elder, Shawi, encourages locals and travelers alike to partake in the tradition by stomping on large tubs of said grapes.[3]

Later on, the girls revisit Arkhanta to join a sports event.[citation needed]