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An Astral Drop is a magical doppelganger, summoned when the Guardians have to go on a mission and need doubles so their absence is not felt. Although a Drop is a perfect physical copy of a person, in the TV series, they possess none of their memories, and have no personality of their own. In the comics, they usually start as a prefect physical copy of a person with their memories and personality but can develop their own with time. In the TV series, an Astral Drop can become an Altermere.


TV series

Yan Lin told W.I.T.C.H. about Astral Drops so that they could rescue Caleb while the Astral Drops performed their play at school. Unfortunately, the Astral Drops did not know the play.[1]

Later, Cornelia used the Heart of Kandrakar to create an Astral Drop while she sneaked to Meridian. Cornelia gave her Astral Drop a set of instructions to follow to help her blend in better, but Caleb still noticed the difference.[2]

Later, Will created an Astral Drop to do her chores, which Nerissa took advantage of and turned her into an Altermere.[3]

Nerissa tried to corrupt Yan Lin to her side, but could not so she instead trapped Yan Lin in the Seal of Nerissa and created an Altermere double who did not realize she was not the real Yan Lin until Nerissa told her.[4] Yan Lin introduced her long-lost sister from in China, really her Altermere, to Joan and Chen Lin: Mira.[5]


In the comics, the Astral Drops are created by the girls themselves. They were Will's idea in order to escape from Frost the Hunter while in Meridian. As Taranee was captured, a second Astral Drop of her was created by Will so that she would not be missed on Earth.[6] When the Guardians went to Meridian to rescue Taranee, the other girls created their own Astral Drops. Because Will was worried about her Astral Drop replacing her permanently, her Drop did not posses Will's memories.[7]

During Arc 3: A Crisis on Both Worlds, the Astral Drops rebelled against the girls as the wanted to live their own lives.[8]


After the Astral Drops rebelled against the Guardians, Orube followed them to Migdale to find them. The Guardians found Taranee's and Cornelia's Drops but the others escaped back to Heatherfield.[9] Pao Chai and Irma's Drop tried to light a fire near Orube's hone but Orube caught them. Will's Drop tried to meet with Will and Will tried to absirb her but couldn't. All five Astral Drops were brought to Kandrakar to solve the problem. The Oracle became furious with the girls because they ignored his offer of help, acted irresponsibly. The Oracle decided to give the Astral Drops a choice to have their own life but only with the Guardians' approval. The girls were moved by their copies' emotions, and decide to free their Astral Drops. The Oracle sent them to a far place, and told them that one day they will return to Kandrakar. Only then will they face their true fate, and when that time comes the mark he gave them on their lower shoulders will light up.[10]

The Dispute

The Oracle's decision to free the Astral Drops was on of the reasons Endarno used to question the Oracle and lead to his trial.[11]


In the TV series, using the Heart of Kandrakar, a Guardian can create an Astral Drop, when the words "Spord Lartsa" (Astral Drops spelled backwards) are said. They will disappear if the words "Astral Drop" are said in front of them.[1]

In the comics, they are powerless copies of the originals that retain the memories of the originals and can share their memories with them.[7] They grow more independent the more they are summoned and gain their own personality while growing stronger to the point where they can even possess their originals.[8] When they have done their job, the girls merge with them, gaining the memories and feelings of the Drop but the Astral Drops don't really disappear after that: they find themselves in a dark void.[12]



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