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Astral Will, also known as "Altermere Will" or "Alter Will", is a fictional character that appears in the comics and TV series, W.I.T.C.H. She is the Astral Drop, and later in the TV series Altermere, of the leader of the Guardians (known as W.I.T.C.H.), Will Vandom.



Astral Will's appearance is originally exactly the same as the original Will. She is a fourteen-years old eighth grader and has bright red, short hair in a bob cut. Her eyes are brown and big. She also shares the same clothing as the real Will.

Once she rebelled against Will, however, her style changed drastically from the originals. Astral Will to favored dark purple clothes and also wore skirts, something the original Will almost never did, the lines around her eyes were also noticeably darker than the originals. Following her accident, she wore bandages around her left arm.[1][2]

TV series

Astral Will's appearance is similar to that of the original Will's. She is a fourteen-years old eighth grader and has bright red, short hair in a bob cut. Her eyes are brown and big. She also shares the same clothing as the real Will.

Astral Will's Guardian outfit is also similar to Will's. It consists of a purple, midriff-bearing, cropped top with long, poet sleeves, a teal mini-skirt, turquoise and green-striped tights, and purple, high-heeled shin-high boots. Her hair stays in a bob.



When she was first created by Will she lacked the original Will's memories and had a different personality. Due to her lack of memory, Astral Will was originally forgetful and naive, relying on a list to help her. She was also shown to be more accepting of Mr. Collins and forward with Matt, largely due to not knowing Collins and misremembering the list.[3]

In her later appearances, she was created with Will's memories and was able to take her place. She shared Will's crush on Matt and sneaked out of Will's room to see him, intending to confess her feelings to him. However, when she saw Matt with another girl and thought he was dating her she was distraught ran away, though she felt guilty for causing Will trouble.[4]

Later, Astral Will grew resentful of being used by Will and came up with a plan with the other Astral Drops to take over the bodies of the originals. By this point, Astral Will was prone to extreme reactions, clinging to Matt shouting she was real when he mistook her for the original, and prideful of how much control she had over her original.[5]

Astral Will also showed a vindictive side when she declared war against her original, taking multiple actions to ruin Will's life and putting her secret at risk. Yet her main goal remained to achieve her and her friends' freedom and when granted was forgiving to Will and even hugged her in thanks.[2]

TV series

Like the real Will, Astral Will is tomboyish, sensitive towards other people's feelings and has a fiery and unstable temper. Astral Will like the real Will, also had a crush on Matt Olsen. Astral Will also has issues with trusting people due to manipulation from Nerissa.[citation needed]

When she was turned into an Altermere she has a brighter personality and is noticeably friendlier. Despite only reconciling with Will only moments before, she sacrificed herself to save Will, which shows she is selfless.[6]



Astral Will was first created by Will before W.I.T.C.H. went to Meridian to rescue Taranee. Unlike the other Astral Drops, Astral Will did not have her original's memories due to Will's fear of being replaced by her Astral Drop. To compensate for her lack of memory Will gave her a list of what to do and what not to do before sending her to her home. The next morning Astral Will woke up and tried to follow Will's instructions but misplaced her list. As she tried to remember what she was supposed to do she answered the door where Matt returned the Dormouse, Astral Will then misremembered the instruction to kiss Will's mom in the morning and instead kissed Matt before closing the door. She then found the list and realized her mistake and asked Susan what to do when accidentally kissed. When Astral Will returned to Will, Will received her memory of slapping Matt as Susan had advised.[3]

TV series

In season one, Astral Will and the other astral drops are mostly summoned to take the place of the Guardians when needed.

Will created Astral Will to do her chores so she wouldn't miss Mrs. Rudolph's farewell party as she was retiring to go back to Meridian. Nerissa turned her into an Altermere and convinced Astral Will to take Will's place, and a battle erupted. The other girls tried to help, but they couldn't tell which Will is the real Will, even in Guardian form. The Altermere and Will reconciled but Nerissa tried to attack Will, but her Altermere moved in the way, which saved Will. Will convinced the Altermere to be absorbed into her and she observed Astral Will's memories and learned of her mom's romance with Mr. Collins which made Will angry at her mom for lying about it.[6]

Powers and abilities

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In the TV series, Astral Will has all the powers of the real Will. As the Astral Drop and Altermere of Will, the host and keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, she possesses the power of Quintessence, which resembles pure whitish-blue lighting and electricity which contain pure life energy within. She, like Will, is the strongest out of the five Guardians and one of the most powerful characters in the series.[6]


In the comics, like the other Astral Drops Astral Will's powers were more limited, having none of the original's power. She was usually summoned along with the other astral drops to take the place of the Guardians when needed. When she was first created she lacked Will's memories, unlike the other Drops which retained the memories of their original selves. This was due to Will's fears of being replaced by her Astral Drop.[3]

As the series went on Astral Will grew stronger as she became more and more independent and started to influence Will. She grew stronger than her fellow Astral Drops who were able to temporarily possess the originals in times of emotional weakness.[5] Astral Will was instead able to influence Will to create her and leave her in the city for a week while Will was away.[1] She also became immune to Will's power as shown when Will failed to reabsorb her and the blast she sent from the Heart went around Astral Will.[2]

TV series

Astral Will's transformation in the TV series.

In season two, when Astral Will was turned into an Altermere by Nerissa, she gained the powers of the original Will and her own elemental ability of Quintessence. Quintessence manifests itself in whitish blue lightning, which she can use to animate inanimate objects, fire offensive lightning bolts and produce a full body pulse, shockwave or discharge of electrical power and energy. In addition, her powers grant her the ability to talk to electrical appliances.[6]

She also possesses a copy of the Heart of Kandrakar, indicating that she has the power to channel the magic of the Aurameres into the Heart and therefore transform herself into a Guardian form. Like the real Heart of Kandrakar, Astral Will's Heart has a telepathic connection with Will able to instinctively respond and act on its own will when the Guardians are in danger and can absorb, activate, and merge with other magical items. Like Will, Astral Will keeps around her neck and when she is transformed.[6]

It is possible that she has Will's other powers, including the ability to become one with the nymph Xin Jing and become a being made of quintessence, animal empathy and teletransportation.