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The Aurameres (also called the Aural Droplets in the Yen Press comic translation) are the physical, magical essence of each of the five Guardian's elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Quintessence. Each Auramere is a glowing, colored, energy ball located in the Room of the Auras in Kandrakar, and was protected by Luba.[1] They appear in every arc of the comics, and in the second season of the TV series.

Physical appearance

Each Auramere is a glowing, floating ball. Each Auramere is a different colour and, in the comics, has a different symbol:

  • The Auramere of quintessence is bright pink.
  • The Auramere of water is light blue.
  • The Auramere of fire is bright orange or red.
  • The Auramere of earth is yellow or moss green.
  • The Auramere of air is pale turquoise or silver.



Luba, custodian of the Aurameres, believed that the W.I.T.C.H. were not worthy of their roles as Guardians so forced them together, which made a changeling.[1]

Yan Lin explained to her granddaughter that the Aurameres are actually made of colored water, since in her words, water is magical, found in every creature and flows through space and time.[2]

TV series

Nerissa tried to absorb the magical energies of the Auremeres but it all went to Cornelia.[3]

Miranda, after she and Cedric stole Phobos' magical abilities, attempted to destroy the Aurameres, but Caleb, Blunk and Sandpit stopped her.[4]


The Aurameres are the source of the Guardian's powers. Each Guardian is connected to their element's Auramere:[citation needed]

  • The Auramere of quintessence was the source of Nerissa's power but is now Will's.
  • The Auramere of water was the source of Cassidy's power but is now Irma's.
  • The Auramere of fire was the source of Halinor's power but is now Taranee's.
  • The Auramere of earth was the source of Kadma's power but is now Cornelia's.
  • The Auramere of air was the source of Yan Lin's power but is now Hay Lin's.

If the Aurameres were to be damaged or completely destroyed, the Guardians would lose all of their elemental and Guardian abilities forever.[citation needed]


TV series



  • In the TV series, the color of Aurameres are lighter than in the comics.
  • The symbols of air and water are often exchanged in both the TV series and the comic book, because they look similar to each other.
  • The symbol of the quintessence Auramere appears in the TV series with its symbol to the cut ends, while the comics, it has rounded tips.
  • When the Guardians gained their New Power transformations, the symbols from their Auramere appeared on their clothes
  • The symbols of Aurameres are actually runes that represent the elements.[citation needed]
  • According to Matt during Arc 7: New Power, Kandrakar is the heart of the sanctuary with all of the exceedingly powerful abilities of the Aurameres.[citation needed]


Images of the Aurameres.