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Basiliade is a world in the W.I.T.C.H. comics and is the homeworld to Orube, Himerish, Endarno, Luba, and We.


Yan Lin told the Guardians that Basiliade was once split into different tribes, who fought against each other for many reasons. Pain and despair ruled the world. Two of the mentioned tribes are the Shanta and the Asha.[1]

Sharr the Terrible, leader of the Shantas, wanted to obliterate all other clans. When he was about to kill Himerish, a member of the Asha clan and the future Oracle, the warrior Endarno stopped Sharr from doing so. Endarno sensed Himerish's potential to be more than a warrior and encouraged him to cultivate his power.[1]

Eventually, the fighting stopped and the people came together to form the peaceful world it is today.

Citizen profile

Some people of Basiliade have a feline appearance with furry pointed ears and cat-like noses and eyes. Adults may grow red masks over their eyes, and elders may grow whiskers. They may or may not have a tail. Examples include Luba and Orube.

Others look like normal humans, but exhibit similar abilities as their feline counterparts. Examples include Himerish and Endarno.[1]

The people of Basiliade wear long kimono-like robes. They are seemingly colored according to the status and position of the citizens.[2] For example, children and women might wear white robes with blue belts, men might wear green or brown robes, and teachers might wear green robes or red robes with yellow belts.


The houses are similar in structure to Japanese houses, with sliding see-through doors and wooden verandas.[2][3]

Pyramids can also be seen. Some of them are part of the complex of the Garden of Two Suns. When Orube went back to Basiliade to retrieve the former Oracle, the twin suns and moons aligned to form a double eclipse, and their light shone down one of the pyramid tips, straight into its sacred chambers where Himerish conducted his warrior initiation rites, as presided by his former student Yarr and guarded by Yarr's students Kilubi and Ih-Shui. Numerous warriors guarded the halls while the Ceremony of the Crimson Dawn takes place.[3]

It is also mentioned in one We comic that chocolate is used for building.[4]

Culture and customs

As seen in Orube's flashback, children of Basiliade are separated early from their parents.[2] In the ceremony of the Great Light, they enter the Garden of Two Suns, an academy where the children are trained in the art of combat. The children then proceed to learn from their teachers through reading numerous books.[5] Then, when they are ready, they are allowed into the weapons hall to pick a weapon and start their actual combat training.[2] Warriors-to-be are given special rings that they can only wear once they completed their training, and their final test is to defeat the Golden Messenger.[2]

The Basiliadians seem to be simple peoples who mostly follow a military structure and live the way of the warrior, but not all of them are limited to becoming warriors of their land. Luba was able to teach and endorse Orube to Kandrakar,[6] while becoming an elder of Kandrakar herself.

As for food, there are no known native dishes beyond the gnuzal, Orube's favorite dish.[5]

Native fauna

In the Lake of the Crimson Lights, lives a giant turtle that assists those who fall into the lake in rediscovering themselves. There may or may not be a giant red octopus in the depths of the lake, as Himerish may or may not be delusional at the time.[1]

We's unnamed species also flourish in Basiliade.[7]

Notable places

The Garden of Two Suns is the academy where Luba taught and Orube pursued her studies in.[2] It is also where Himerish's pupil, Yarr, teaches the warriors Kilubi and Ih-Shui.[1] The Gardens are a big area, with two small twin columns with two linked suns in each of them at its entrance. The gardens' facilities include at least one weapons hall[2] and two pyramids.[3]

The Crimson Lake is a lake where mysterious crimson glowing globs, known as lights swallow those who come near the waters.[1] It is located by the Blue Forest.[8]


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