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Bitterroot is Ironwood's mate and also one of largest and most powerful Zamballans on Zamballa. He shares his life on Zamballa with his wife Ironwood, and his child, Bowbreaker. At first, he was hostile towards the Guardians when he met them due to Nerissa manipulating him, but he eventually opened up to them and began to trust them.[citation needed]


Bitterroot is a wise and protective father who cares for his wife and child dearly. He will do anything to protect them, even if it means he would never be able to see them again.[citation needed]


Bitterroot was living peacefully on Zamballa until the day Nerissa and the Knights of Destruction, who were glamored as the Guardians, attacked Zamballa in an effort to frame the Guardians for their malicious deeds. When he witnessed his son Bowbreaker in danger of being burned alive by Ember, he suggested to Ironwood that he should use the Armor of Sleep to protect himself. Ironwood reluctantly agreed and told Bowbreaker to do that, resulting in Bowbreaker falling into a deep hibernation from which he might never recover.[1]

When Kadma and Taranee were outnumbered by Nerissa and her Knights of Destruction, Blunk lured him and Ironwood to their location by using himself as bait. He and Ironwood assisted Kadma in attacking Nerissa and successfully caused her to retreat.[1] During the weeks of the Guardians and Kadma battling Nerissa and the Knights of Destruction on Zamballa, he helped Ironwood protect Yan Lin from Nerissa's goal of enthralling her.[2]

When the Guardians returned to Zamballa after Ironwood forbid them from ever returning, when they were being chased by Nerissa, he assisted Ironwood in attacking Nerissa, buying Yan Lin, Hay Lin, and Blunk enough time to fold away and escape.[3]


Like all Zamballans, Bitterroot possesses immense strength and endurance due to his large size. He also possesses the ability to create the Armor of Sleep, a scaly rock armor which surrounds him and allows him to fall into a deep hibernation if he is threatened with the possibility of never waking up.