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Black Roses are enchanted flowers that Phobos used to defend his castle. In the comics, they first appeared in Issue 008: The Black Roses of Meridian and appeared throughout Season One of the TV series.

Initial creation

To materialize these plants, Prince Phobos tried to convince the royal gardener, Daltar, to create the evil flowers but Daltar refused. Phobos cruelly took action and transformed the gardener's family, his wife and daughter, into the first roses.[1]


These Black Roses have the ability to turn anyone it has pricked by its thorns into another rose (unless they have strong magic) and so formed a barrier surrounding the castle protecting Phobos from any outside threats. Being a Guardian, Will had the invulnerability to the rose's magic and survived.[1] Even being the Guardian of Earth, Cornelia had trouble holding them back as they contained Phobos' dark magic.[2]


Black roses tv.jpg

The Black Roses appeared throughout Season One of the TV series, in Meridian before Phobos' defeat. He said in the Book of Secrets that after he planned to drain Elyon of her power, he will "leave her withered soul to spend eternity as a black rose".[citation needed]