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Bloom is the eighth track of the album Music From and Inspired By W.I.T.C.H. The song is 4 minutes and 54 seconds long (4:54).

This is one of the five image songs on the album for each of the main characters. This song reflects Cornelia Hale and her power over the element of earth.


The following lyrics are transcribed verbatim from the CD liner notes. Any oddities such as typographical errors and audio discrepancies are presented exactly as they appear there.

I like shopping
I like skating
I just love being a girl
Having powers not on my list
Fighting off evil seems so crazy
And now I have to save the world

This all seems a little hazy
I'm not sure what to do lately
Growing from a girl into a hero
Is a dream come true
Just give me time
I'll show you

I just wanna bloom
And you're gonna see
A simple picture
Turn to a masterpiece
Plant a little seed
And let me bloom
Right in front of you
The bitter and the sweet
They go hand in hand
But you must take both
So you truly understand
Plant a little seed
And very soon I will bloom
Let me bloom
Let me bloom
Let me bloom

I can't swim
And I'm protective
My friends mean everything to me
The life I lead is full of questions
Everything seems like it's a lesson
It's all just one big mystery

It's one thing after another
And sometimes I feel so smothered
But I'll never give into my fears, no
I will show and prove
And do what I must do


A little water
And some sun
Work together
Work as one
Love and care that's given from the heart
The recipe
To help you see
The roses that rise out of weeds
To bloom


Let me bloom (5x)


Unless otherwise cited, all of the following credits are from the CD liner notes.