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Blue Destiny is a magical sword owned by the Royal Family of Meridian, the Escanors.


When the dark cloud appeared in Meridian, Elyon's powers were taken and threatened her life. She called Caleb to help and gave him the weapon of the Escanors, Blue Destiny, which had been sealed inside a painting of a magical sword. Elyon poured her lifeforce into the sword so that she could go with Caleb through the dark mist while her body was weak. The sword contained the powers of the Light of Meridian and so Caleb journeyed with Blue Destiny, which contained the remaining powers of Elyon.[1]

He and Wali wandered the dimensional prison (the dark mist) and, while Wali was taken hostage by the prisoners, Caleb confronted the Guard and defeated him, not knowing that whosoever defeats the current guard becomes the new warden of the dimensional prison. While Caleb suffered from the metamorphosis of becoming the new guard, the original guard stole Blue Destiny and brought it with him and tried to use its power against the prisoners. The newly transformed Caleb defeated his predecessor. He merged the Guard's lance with Blue Destiny and the two artefacts were combined.[1]

Caleb gave Blue Destiny to Wali, who took it back to Elyon. Elyon's lifeforce was returned to her body, which had been healed. Elyon placed the sword back into the painting.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • The sword has the ability to contain the powers of the Light of Meridian.[1]


Blue Destiny appeared in Special Issue: Caleb and Elyon - Two Destinies.