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Blunk is too heroic for Blunk's own good.

—Blunk about following Caleb up a cliff

Blunk is a small and smelly green creature who lives on Meridian. He is a Passling, a short toad (and goblin-like) creature who travels through the dimensions to find and steal goods to sell. He debuted in the episode in It Resumes. He (and all the other Passlings) speak in the third person.


Blunk was captured by Prince Phobos and put in an oubliette. After trying to escape "over 3,700 times", he got cellmates, Caleb and Will. Both took an immediate disliking to the extremely smelly Passling, but knew they had to work with him to escape until the other Guardians arrived and saved all three of them.[1]

The prison keeper, Vathek, was secretly a spy for the rebel army and gave Caleb the key to help him escape. Caleb had a place he was supposed to put the key during his escape so Vathek wouldn't be discovered as a traitor, but Blunk found it and stole it. Blunk went to Earth with Caleb and the Guardians and quickly made a home there: the Silver Dragon's dumpster. Blunk then learned about Earth and constantly took goods from Earth to sell to the Meridianites. Caleb and the Guardians went to Meridian and were able to frame the high-ranking guard of Phobos, Raythor, of stealing the key. Vathek was saved but the Guardians and Caleb continued to dislike Blunk.[2]

Blunk, being able to sniff out portals, frequently went to Earth and back. Half the time he was in Meridian finding goods, helping the Guardians and selling to customers, and half the time he was in Earth finding goods, helping the Guardians and sniffing out portals for them.[citation needed] Once, Blunk got a cold and was treated by his mother.[citation needed] Blunk always helped Caleb in his missions, and when he was almost eaten by Cedric and Miranda, Caleb demanded a left-behind guard, Tynar where was his "friend". Blunk was so happy at Caleb and from then on sticks to him.[citation needed]

Blunk was framed for stealing the Heart of Kandrakar, which the greedy Passling, Jeek, had done. He decided to prove his innocence. Blunk found a portal to Meridian and fought Jeek for the Heart, just before it would have gone to Prince Phobos and Cedric. The Guardians arrived and helped Blunk, apologizing for suspecting him.[3]

Blunk wanted to prove that he was a warrior, not a scavenger and helped fight Cedric with Matt. Meridian was freed but Blunk decided to continue to go to Earth and back.[4]

Making the cookies in Caleb's Challenge.

Blunk was one of the allies of the Guardians that were summoned to Kandrakar to meet the Oracle and his Council. Blunk was excited to have found a new world because it meant new items to sell. When the Oracle caught Blunk stealing, he gave Blunk the Tooth of the Tonga, allowing him to create folds in the universe to traverse dimensions now that the Veil had been lowered and no more portals existed.[5] Blunk proved useful in sniffing out the Knights of Vengeance through the extremely smelly rhino Crimson.[5][6][7] He can be easily persuaded into do other people favours in exchange for something else, usually garbage.[citation needed]

Blunk rediscovered the Horn of Hypnos, capable of turning innocent people into mindless trancemarchers. Blunk outtraded Jeek for it, and used the Tonga Tooth to create a fold to go to Earth to give to the Guardians, but Jeek who had followed him to Earth stole it. Blunk tried to tell Irma this but Irma was mad at Blunk for putting all his garbage in her parents' garage. Blunk eventually got the message through and when the Knights of Vengeance got a hold of the Horn, they used it to make Jeek, Will, Matt, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin into Trance Marchers.[8]

Irma had to team up with Blunk to free their friends and avoid hearing the Horn. Blunk took Irma to his secret garbage hideout, but Jeek was able to sniff them out. Blunk tried to remember the tune that broke the spell to the Horn, but couldn't. Eventually, the two got along and Irma apologized to Blunk for all the mean things she said to him. In working together, they were able to avoid the spell, destroy the Horn, and free their friends once Blunk remembered the tune.[8]

Blunk continued to be useful in sniffing out villains and being the messenger.[9][10][11][12] Blunk went with the Guardians to Zamballa, and helped them battle Nerissa and her Knights of Destruction.[13] Will hired Blunk to spy on her dad's new fiancé, Sarina Sanchez, suspecting she may be a glamoured Nerissa. Blunk was competent at finding out that Sarina wasn't Nerissa.[14]

Blunk helped Hay Lin fold to different dimensions, including Earth, Meridian, Kandrakar and Zamballa to avoid Nerissa getting a hold of Yan Lin. Blunk learned that Nerissa had put a tracking spell on his Tooth, making Yan Lin falling to Nerissa inevitable.[15] Blunk helped the Guardians try to get Phobos accustomed to Earth and to defeat Nerissa.[16][17] When Phobos took siege on Meridian, both he and Caleb were captured in the Battle of the Infinite City.[18]

Blunk and Caleb were sentenced to death by Phobos, but Taranee, Will and Raythor (now on the good side) were able to free both of them. Blunk went to Kandrakar where he reunited with his Mama. Blunk participated in the final battle of Kandrakar where he helped Caleb, Gargoyle and Sandpit defeat Miranda.[19] After that, Blunk returned to Meridian and continued to smuggle goods.[citation needed]

Powers and abilities

Blunk has the abilities of a typical passling. He's also an expert thief and charismatic merchant. He's also nimble enough to avoid danger. Being extremely stealthy, he has been employed to spy on others and is good at avoiding being detected, even in crowded places.[citation needed]


Blegh! Boring! Now try Blunk's recipe!

—Blunk after tasting a chocolate chip cookie. He then puts pizza, sardines, sweaty socks and other unappetizing things in the pastries.

Blunk too pretty to be destroyed!

—Blunk, K is for Knowledge



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