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The Power of Five is the first chapter book in the series. It is a novelisation of issue 1 of the comics with pages of the comic inserted in the front and back, and the equivalent to season 1 episode 1. It was adapted by Elizabeth Lenhard and first published in 2004.[1] It is also available as an audiobook.[2] read by Kate Simses.


Will is new to Sheffield Institute, but quickly befriends Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin, four girls with whom Will learns to share her mysterious supernatural abilities. Together they discover that they need to protect Earth from the evil of Metamoor. But things go seriously wrong for the girls at the school's Halloween dance when Metamoor henchmen crash the party and attempt to capture them. The girls have to command their newly discovered powers in their first battle against evil.[1]

Chapter perspectives

The alternate cover for the 1st chapter book used in the United Kingdom