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The Book of Elements is a book with elemental magic and it was written by Johnathan Ludmoore.

Physical appearance

On the book's cover is a design of two interlaced dragons and an eye. It has five claw like locks on the edges of the pages. The cover also has five magical seals, which can only be opened with five gems with the essences of the elements: stone of water, stone of air, stone of fire, stone of earth[1] and the Heart of Kandrakar, which each open one of the locks.[2]


Ludmoore tried to get control over the elements and noted the results of his research into it. After some time the book changed into a living being. Finally, the book closed itself and Ludmoore disappeared without a trace.[3]

While searching for magic books, Cedric visited Ludmoore Manor and found the book in the library and realised its true magical potential so had it, hidden amongst several other books, sent to Ye Olde Bookshop. In the bookshop's basement, Ludmoore, from inside the book, revealed himself to Cedric.[1]

Cedric tricked Matt Olsen into opening the book so that he would be trapped inside of it and W.I.T.C.H. would help them find the five elemental stones.[3]

After the first four elemental stones had been found and placed in the book, the eye opened and revealed a new Heart of Kandrakar shaped slot. When Will refused to put the Heart in the book, it sucked the Guardians and Cedric inside.[4]

Inside the book, the girls discovered that the book mirrored Ludmoore's life and that they could move between chapters by writing the chapter title on doors and that everything inside, once dead, turned to ink. Ludmoore gave Cedric back his powers, but Cedric chose to jump in front of one of Ludmoore's energy blasts to save Orube. He turned to ink which the girls used to unlock the door to the final chapter.[5] There, they found Matt, fought Ludmoore and won. After leaving the world inside the book, the book stayed with Orube when she chose to remain in Kandrakar.[6]