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The Book of Secrets is a magical object in the TV series.


The Book of Secrets is a large book that only the owner of the book, Prince Phobos, can open. It had all of Phobos' secrets and plans for Elyon locked inside.

Caleb and Blunk stole the book from Elyon's room after Princess Elyon had found it in the library and had taken it there.[1]

Despite trying in many ways, Caleb, Blunk and the Guardians couldn't open the Book until the Guardians gained the Seal of Phobos, which can open anything, trapped within the Heart of Kandrakar. From inside the book, they learned of Prince Phobos' plan to drain his sister dry of her powers.[2]

What became of it after Prince Phobos' defeat and imprisonment is unknown.



Return of the Book of Secrets to my library. Every plan within it will soon come true.

—Phobos, The Mogriffs

Only one thing in this castle will ever know all my secrets.

—Phobos, The Mogriffs


Pretty gold square!


It's a book. Any information from the castle is valuable.                

—The Mogriffs

There's no lock.

Hay Lin, The Mogriffs

Yan Lin:

Could this be the Book of Secrets?


What's that?


Well, there's supposed to be a book, kind of a magical diary, that absorbs and stores all the secrets of whoever owns it. 

Yan Lin:

If that is that book, and if it belongs to Phobos, every plan he has for Elyon, every evil thought... is locked inside.             

—The Mogriffs

Is there, like, an online version we could hack into?

—Hay Lin, The Underwater Mines


The Whisperers said all of Phobos' plans for Elyon are in this book.

Hay Lin:

Which we tried everything but dynamite to open. Hey!

Yan Lin:

You don't need dynamite. You have something better.               

The Seal of Phobos


Images of the Book of Secrets.