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The Beginning is a bindup of the first three chapter books, Book 01: The Power of Five, Book 02: The Disappearance and Book 03: Finding Meridian, all of which were written by Elizabeth Lenhard. It was published in the United Kingdom by Harper Collins[1].


Five ordinary schoolgirls are about to discover their destiny involves far more than homework, swim practise and boys! Will, Irma, Cornelia, Hay Lin and Taranee are the Guardians of the Veil and must work together to save the world from the evil forces of Metamoor. Luckily, they have help - Will has been chosen as the Keeper of the Heart of Candracar, a mystical object that gives the girls the power to become supernatural beings with the powers of the elements at their fingertips.

The girls are excited but afraid and when their friend, Elyon, goes missing, the battle to save Earth becomes a battle to save their best friend and free an entire universe. Will W.I.T.C.H. have the power to do what is right?[1]