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Brian is a fictional character from the TV series. Brian is an TV-only character that appears in the 12th episode, The Princess Revealed. In the episode, he was introduced as Elyon's new boyfriend. In the episode, he brought her to the amusement park for their date. He ended their relationship due to her friends' constant presence making him feel uneasy.


Brian is an averaged height boy taller than Elyon, around the same height as Irma, Will, Hay Lin and Taranee, but shorter than Cornelia and Caleb. He has light golden orange-red hair, and Turquoise-green eyes. He wears a yellow and green jacket, brown pants and brown shoes. Cornelia described him as the antithesis of Elyon's ideal boy in terms of appearance.


Brian is a seemingly suspicious looking boy, very shifty, alert and always on the look out. He is a very nice person and likes dogs. He seems to find it difficult to accept the girls, as they were tailing him and Elyon throughout their date, but only because they suspected him to be a beast sent by Phobos. Unfortunately this lead to him thinking that they were too possessive towards Elyon and that they didn't like him for hanging out with her, thus causing him to break-up with Elyon. This event deepened the rift between Elyon and the Guardians.


  • Despite him being Elyon's boyfriend for a short period of time, she was very emotionally grief-stricken and upset when he broke up with her. She was also upset at her friends who were mostly responsible for their break-up as they made Brian feel uneasy.
    • Their break-up apparently played a key role in making Elyon trust Cedric even more, as she was very emotionally vulnerable at the time.


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