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Caleb's Challenge is the twenty-second episode of season 1 of the TV series.


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Caleb, Aldarn and a few other rebels went to Meridian's mill for grain, but they got caught. Only Caleb escaped and went to seek help from the Guardians. But when Aldarn accidentally became hypnotized by Elyon (and she doesn't know it) into signing a peace treaty, Caleb had to fight him for the position of leader.

W.I.T.C.H. were supposed to cook pies and cookies for the school bake sale but had leave their baking duties to Blunk and went to figure out what the deal is with this peace treaty at the Hugong nesting grounds. They triggered a trap and almost got eaten by the Larvek hatchlings.

After W.I.T.C.H. defeated them, they went to the arena to warn everybody. Caleb defeated Aldarn, not only securing his place as the rebel leader, but also saving his friend.

They decided not to go to the signing of the peace treaty and instead went to the mill for the grain, believing it was a good time to infiltrate while Phobos was distracted. Meanwhile, at a duplicate of the signing ceremony arranged by Phobos, Elyon's grudge against the rebels seemed to return after she saw that they didn't come.

Behind the scenes


Scientific facts

Sugar and wheat are Earth products.

Cornelia Hale


  • This is the first appearance of Taranee's house.
  • Even though Caleb and all of the Guardians have seen people hypnotized before, none of them recognized it in Aldarn when they met with him. However, Elyon's hypnosis is noticeably more subtle than the Horn of Hypnos'.
  • The Hugong is the Meridian bird of peace, similar to the dove on Earth.
  • Hay Lin's comment of "Why don't you bite the dust instead?" may be a reference to the song "Another One Bites the Dust".
  • Some of Blunk's food includes:
    • Tuna Cookies
    • Chocolate Chip Pizza Surprise
    • Macaroni and Bees
    • Soup Fudge
    • Trout Cake
    • Sweat Sock Surprise
    • Brownie Dogs
    • Denim Pie
    • Hair Sandwiches
    • Peanut Butter Sausage
    • Cheese and Oyster Smoothies