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Cassidy was the previous Guardian of water before being succeeded by Irma Lair. She is voiced by Susan Chesler in the TV series.


She has red hair (russet-orange in the TV series), deep blue eyes and freckles.


TV series

Cassidy is very much like Irma, as she loves to have fun, and often likes to make jokes.

Cassidy liked swimming, and was on the Sheffield Institute swim team, the Sheffield Sea Slugs.[1] Cassidy also liked going to the beach. She described Shell Beach as her favorite place in town. She mentioned she liked walking into the ocean, looking at cute lifeguards (plus getting a few kisses) and going for a swim. Cassidy had compassion for all living things and wanted to be a pediatrician.[2]



Little is known about Cassidy in the comics before her death.

When the Oracle realised Nerissa couldn't keep the Heart of Kandrakar any longer, he gave it to Cassidy instead. Blinded by envy, Nerissa lured Cassidy into a trap and killed her.[3]

When Nerissa rose again and tricked Will Vandom into giving her the Heart of Kandrakar,[4] the W.I.T.C.H. Guardians broke into the Heatherfield Observatory to look at Cassidy's Star, which could only be seen by Will. Cassidy appeared to Will and revealed that she had been waiting for Will to contact her, with silence as her only companion. She said she bears no ill will towards Nerissa for killing her or the Oracle for letting her die, claiming that they did only what they were supposed to do to keep balance in the universe. Their conversation ended with Cassidy giving Will her spark of the Heart of Kandrakar to battle Nerissa before Cassidy vanished into her star.[5]

TV series

In the TV series, she lived in a house in Heatherfield with her mother Emily, and the two were very close.[2]

She was later entrusted with the Heart of Kandrakar when the Council of Kandrakar realized its power was corrupting Nerissa. Nerissa became obsessed with the power lost. She begged, and later ordered Cassidy to give the Heart back. When Cassidy refused, she was accidentally killed by Nerissa, who as punishment, was locked away in Mount Thanos.[6]

Forty years later, in hopes of reforming C.H.Y.K.N., Nerissa bound Cassidy's spirit to the mortal realm, and tried to remind her of her favorite things and dreams to make her want to live again. Cassidy refused her several times, saying she had no regrets about being dead and that she didn't trust Nerissa's intentions> Nerissa finally made her want to live again when she took her to see the still-living Emily. Cassidy's compassion for her mother, who missed her a lot, made her break down and tell Nerissa she wanted to live again, so she could be with Emily again. This gave Nerissa the edge she needed to take control of Cassidy's mind.[2]

Cassidy remained a mind-controlled spirit until all of C.H.Y.K.N. was under Nerissa's control, then she was brought back to life and given her Guardian powers back.[7] She was later able to break free of Nerissa's mind control during a battle with the W.I.T.C.H. group. At one point, Cassidy was thrown into a pool and Irma quickly used her powers to influence people's minds to free her, but as soon as the mind control was gone, Nerissa returned and imprisoned the rest of C.H.Y.K.N. in the Seal of Nerissa along with the others.[1]

After Nerissa was also imprisoned in the Seal, everyone inside the seal, except for Nerissa, escaped. Cassidy rejoined her mother and continued her life.[8]

Cassidy in the comics

Powers and abilities

Being the past Guardian of Water, Cassidy had the power to manipulate water at will and mind control.


In the comics, her element was never shown but she presumably had all of the powers of the current Guardian of that element, and while she was keeper, the powers of the keeper of the Heart (except for Quintessence).

She also had a spark of the Heart of Kandrakar, which she gave to Will and which worked like the normal Heart.[5]

TV series

Cassidy was the previous Guardian of water, until she was killed. When she regained her power and mortal form through Nerissa, her power was twice Irma's power as it was fuelled by two Hearts.[9]


As Cassidy is the former Guardian of water, she presumably has the same powers as Irma Lair, the current Guardian of water.

She has the ability to control and manipulate the element of water. She can create water out of thin air, possibly from the water vapour in the air, and attacks mostly with blasts of liquid water that she creates from her hands. She can use these blasts at a high enough pressure to keep Irma pinned against a wall.[9]

In her Guardian form, like all Guardians, Cassidy can fly.[9] In her ghost form she can float and move through solid objects.[2]

List of powers

  • Hydrokinesis: She has the ability to manipulate, control and creation of water out of thin air
  • Water constructs: She can create various makeshift weapons such as swords, daggers, shields, barriers, and create animals such as snakes, tentacles, and birds to attack or defend
  • Pressure Manipulation: She can alter the pressure of water to slice through objects.
  • Flight



  • Nerissa revealed that Cassidy wanted to be a pediatrician.[2]
  • In the TV series, Cassidy could have been a lesbian or bisexual. Greg Weisman (season 2 producer) revealed at CONvergence that he personally believed Nerissa and Cassidy were lovers,[10] and later in a Q&A he revealed that C.H.Y.K.N. likely knew this, but they did keep it secret and that he believed that they were dating when Nerissa killed Cassidy.[11]
  • In the comics, Cassidy only appears to Will due to their connection as Will was born under Cassidy's Star[3] but in the TV series she not only interacts with all the Guardians but is resurrected.



Images of Cassidy from the comics.

TV series

Images of Cassidy from the TV series.