Chen Lin (voiced by James Sie) is Yan Lin's son and Hay Lin's worrisome father who does not believe that she is old enough to take care of herself.


He, like the rest of Hay Lin's family, is of Chinese origin.



Chen and Joan met when he was hired as a butler for her family, led by a rich trader of Hong Kong. They fell in love, but due to his modest upbringing Joan's father disapproved and fired him, which caused Joan to leave as well and choose to stay with Chen.[1]

TV series

He called Hay Lin every two minutes to make sure she was safe at a movie premiere.[2] He fell under the spell of the Horn of Hypnos.[3] Chen also came to Parents' Night[4] and helped ward off angry customers at the Silver Dragon.[5] He got very nervous at Hay Lin's art contest and was also worried about where Yan Lin had disappeared to.[6]





TV series


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