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The Crown of Light is a magic crown from Meridian and worn by Elyon. It appears in the W.I.T.C.H. comics and TV series.

Physical appearance

The crown consists of two main bands joined together by smaller strands of metal. It has a large gem and a point in the centre. and is worn on the forehead. In the comics, it is silver-white with a purple gem. In the TV series, it is gold with a red gem.



The origins of the Crown of Light are unknown, though it appear to belong to the royal family of Meridian.

Phobos used the remainder of Meridian's magical energy to enchant the crown so that it would absorb all of Elyon's powers at her coronation. At the coronation, Elyon was replaced with an Astral Drop, and as the drop was crowned, she collapsed to the floor as her power was drained. Phobos, who expected to have gained Elyon's powers, then wore the crown and tried to use his new powers and found he had none and the Guardians and Elyon revealed their trick. As a fight broke out across Metamoor, Phobos retreated with the crown to his castle.[1]

At the castle, Phobos tried to destroy the crown but failed to damage it and left it with Cedric. In the Guardians' fight with Cedric, they gained control of the crown and Will placed it on Cedric's head and it absorbed his powers. The Guardians focused their powers on the crown to break Phobos' spell and returned to Elyon. Will crowned Elyon Queen of Meridian and with the crown's power, Elyon began to glow as the Light of Meridian and defeated Phobos.[2]

Later, the new Oracle, Endarno, asked Elyon to surrender the crown to Kandrakar. Elyon and her council refused so the Guardians were sent to arrest Elyon. The Guardians took Elyon to Earth and left the crown with Caleb so that he could protect it.[3]

TV series

In the TV series, the crown was created in the Ceremony of the Amalgamation by the combining all three Symbols of Elyon.[4] It was later adjusted by Aketon to fit Elyon's head. When Elyon put on the crown, it let out a burst of light.[5] Elyon continued to wear the same crown after Phobos' defeat.



The Crown of Light appears to react only to the Light of Meridian, granting them greater power and causing them to fill with light. It does not react the same way when others wear it.[2] Like the Heart of Kandrakar, it has a mind and will of its own, being the master of its own power.[citation needed] It can only be used by and it is specially reserved for the Light of Meridian, returning to its current owner, if stolen.[citation needed]

If the crown spends too much time away from its owner, it can lose brightness and diminish its power.[citation needed] The crown also appears to be invulnerable. After Phobos "tried to destroy the crown in every way imaginable", he failed to cause it any damage.[2]

According to Elyon's evil older brother Phobos, the Crown of Light and Heart of Kandrakar are the two strongest and most powerful magical objects in the universe, together they have an unimaginable and immeasurable energy and power.[citation needed]

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