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Flambé Hair (Italian Capelli flambè) is the sixth Mini Special issue from the series Daily Problems. It was first published in November 2010 alongside Issue 116: The Right Distance and is eight pages long. The script was written by Maria Muzzolini and the art was by Daniela Vetro.[1]


Cornelia tried a new beauty method, but she ended up with sticky hair and had to find a solution in very short time.


Cornelia was invited to the birthday party of her friend Harry, so she tried a "granny trick" for shinier hair taught to her by Harry's cousin Milly, a cream made by various food ingredients. After applying it abundantly and having a long phone chat with Will, however, Cornelia discovered that said cream was actually a sabotage from Milly out of jealousy and she ended up with her hair cemented in a spiky green shape. Her mother Elizabeth offered her a rush to their trusty hairdresser, who managed to remove the sticky substance, but with the collateral effect of giving Cornelia an enormous curly afro style. Yet, the Earth Guardian had an idea: borrowing her aunt's poodle dog and going to the party with coordinated looks. The idea worked, and Cornelia had a great success at the party, with the only discomfort of being allergic to the dog itself.