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Daltar is a supporting character who appears in Arc 1: The Twelve Portals. He is a Metamoorian gardener who works in the castle of Meridian.


Daltar's family

Prince Phobos asked Daltar, his gardener, to create a rosebush with lethal thorns in order to protect his castle. Daltar refused and told Phobos that he should build a wall instead. To encourage Daltar to obey his wishes, Phobos transformed Daltar's wife and child, who were playing in the garden at the time, into the first Black Roses of Meridian.[1]

When Will's dormouse entered a portal to Metamoor, Will was forced to follow to get him back, which resulted in in her entering the royal garden of Meridian. Will, drawn to the roses, was pricked by one and collapsed. Protected by the Heart of Kandrakar, Will only became unconscious instead of being turned into a Black Rose. When she awoke, Daltar was with her and amazed that she didn't turn into a Black Rose and told her of the rose's evil nature.[1]

Later, he helped Will and the other Guardians to meet with Elyon without alerting the murmurers, by hand delivering her flowers.[2] During Elyon's coronation and in the battle against Phobos, Daltar stayed in the garden with the roses. After Elyon was crowned queen, she removed all of Phobos' dark spells cast on the planet, including the spell on the Black Roses and Daltar was finally reunited with his family.[3]