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Dark Mother is a fictional character that appears in the W.I.T.C.H. comics. She is the primary villain of Arc 7: New Power.


When Meter was good, she was extremely beautiful with the appearance of an innocent maiden. She was slim and willowy with pale skin and soft, gentle features which were framed by a waterfall of long flowing white hair. Blossoms and leafs grew around her head like a wreath or crown and she dressed in a sleeveless gown which was blue but fades to violet as it reaches the knees. Flowing, watery or fiery shapes adorn the sides of the dress where the colours fade into each other.

After her vanity, pride and lust for power grew, she remained stunningly beautiful but it became a different kind of beauty. She retained her willowy form but her hair became brown like the bark of a tree. The greatest change was her face which had become more mature yet still beautiful with slanted, yellow eyes and a smile which shows her cocky and vain heart. After her corruption, she wears revealing purple and violet dresses.

Dark Mother could also take the form of a monstrous tree with huge branches and long roots which emits a red aura. Her face and upper body are visible on the trunk but she is now a frightening and hideous creature.


Meter, the Elemental Queen of Spring

According to an ancient tale, Meter was the Queen of Spring, who made the forests grow and flowers bloom. But one day the power went to her head, she became vain and arrogant, and she used her magic to transform into a monster. Then she attacked Kandrakar with battalions of greenery, but she was defeated by the other Elemental Queens, and she was exiled to the void, far from all the worlds. Unbeknownst to Kandrakar, one of Meter's seeds took root on Earth.[1]

Dark Mother returns from her imprisonment once more.

When Dark Mother awakened from her deep slumber, she sent a seed to Kandrakar to subtly gain influence there. At the beginning, no one knew about her threat, but the Oracle knew that Kandrakar was in great danger and he sealed it off from the rest of the universe.[2]

Despite her vast power over the earth, she is still trapped in her own prison of vines and roots. From her lair beneath Heatherfield, Dark Mother noticed W.I.T.C.H. underground when they touched her roots[3] and noticed their magical energy[4] and that Kandrakar's elemental powers lay within them, so she began to hunt them down.[1] Her cage was broken unintentionally by Will, when she discovered the root to her powers, as Dark Mother tricked Will with an illusion casted by Hypnotic Insects.[5]

Meanwhile, her seed in Kandrakar grew into a tree and slowly, it took over the minds of the Elders, except for Yan Lin. Once free of her cage, Dark Mother travelled to Kandrakar in a flower bud to destroy it.[6] Eventually, she got all of Kandrakar's inhabitants under her control, but still not Yan Lin.[7]

She was defeated by the W.I.T.C.H. girls in the form of New Element and was sealed in a stone tomb.[8] Her dark roots that inhabited Kandrakar threatened the mystical fortress, but with the combined powers of the girls they succeeded in protecting the foundations of Kandrakar.[9]

Powers and abilities

Dark Mother is probably one of, if not the most powerful foe the Guardians have ever faced with more energy than a thousand suns.[citation needed] She is an immortal being who can live forever in a youthful state and she cannot be killed as easily as a human.[citation needed] Dark Mother's elemental powers are described as infinite and horrible by the Guardians.[citation needed] Dark Mother had vast magical knowledge and the power to wield it.[citation needed] She can possibly also shift between a humanoid form and a monstrous plant shape, though the change may simply have been due to her escaping her cage.[5]

Dark Mother has extreme powers and control over Earth. As the Elemental Queen of earth, Meter had powers over the element of earth. She could manipulate the cycles of flora and trees grew wherever she walked.[1] As Dark Mother, she could generate magical seeds and cause earthquakes.[citation needed] She could weave spells into her plants such as the tree in Kandrakar that enchanted nearly everyone, put their roots into their minds and filled them with shadows and the plant which turns everything into a perfume for travel.[6] Despite her vast power over the earth, she was still trapped in a prison of vines and roots until Will freed her.[5]

In both humanoid and tree forms, she could generate vines and roots and command them to do her bidding. Over time, her roots grew long enough to travel beneath every surface of the Earth and with her roots had access to anywhere on Earth and reach anyone.[10] They could even conduct huge amounts of electricity from lightning, enough to recharge a city the size of Heatherfield.[11] Her roots were incredibly sensitive and when one of the Guardians touched them,[3] she could tell which Guardian and through her roots,[citation needed] she could even sense their magic through her roots,[4] including which of them had found the root of their power.[citation needed]

She has many pawns at her disposal which includes dangerous creatures like Unters and loyal servants like Romur.[3] She also has power over the creatures of the earth like Underground spiders[1] and Hypnotic Insects.[5]

She also appeared to possess psychic powers as she could tell when someone broke through the Earth's surface as well as predict natural disasters.[citation needed] She could even sense the W.I.T.C.H. girls before they became Guardians and knew they would become a threat. She tried to kill Taranee when she was just a baby, but was foiled by the power of fire and a meteorite.[4]

List of powers

  • Immortality and eternal youth and health
  • Size alteration
  • Prehensile nails
  • Control over Earth including control of plants



  • Her name is possibly a pun on dark matter.
  • Her true name, Meter, may be a reference to Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest.
  • Dark Mother is unique in the fact that her dark transformation did not diminish her great beauty, merely changed it.


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