Professor Dean Collins is a history teacher at Sheffield Institute. He is the husband of Susan Vandom Collins, the father of William Collins and the stepfather of Will Vandom.




Dean is the son of Simon Trevor Collins, an ex fashion model, and Patricia Bloom, a retired soldier. Despite loving them, he has a slightly complicated relationship with them, due to his laid back nature clashing with their ordered and disciplined lifestyle.

Life as a Musician

Dean was the lead singer of a famous band called Greensuit. While singing for the band, he used a stagename, "Cole Dennis". The group released several records before splitting up.

Will and Dean

TV Series

Mr. Collins was first introduced in the episode "A Service to the Community". The guardians think he is the beast from Meridian, and attack him. It turns out that he isn't the beast. Will says," I can't belive we zapped our history teacher!" They try to drag him home in a wheelbarrow, but decide to transform and fly when a police car almost finds them. They drop him into Martin's swimming pool to which Caleb smugly comments "Great. Now his glued on face will fall of faster." They return him home and cover him in crickets and his lizard so he will think that it ate his shirt while he was dreaming.

Susan Vandom making-out with Dean Collins in H is for Hunted

In season 2, Will finds out that Mr. Collins and her mother are dating in "H is for Hunted". She is very upset about this. She stays upset about this until "M is for Mercy", when she sees Mr. Collins saving her mother's life while in her guardian form. She forgives him and invites him over for dinner.

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  • Mr Collins' name is actually a pun. A "Dean" is a person with authority in a specific academic field, or an area of concern, or both. So, Professor Collins would be the Dean of History.
  • In the Ludmoore Saga, it is shown that he likes poetry, as he helped Will figure out that the riddle was an excerpt from a poem "The Enchantress" by a Heatherfield poet named Lowitt.
  • In the planned season 3, Dean and Susan were planned to be engaged. Susan along with the other guardian's parents were also planned to eventually find out that the Girls were Guardians.
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