Uh....and I thought the Passling stunk.

Raythor after Drake killed the Tracker by going inside of it

Drake is a commander of the Meridian rebellion and later becomes a captain under the new queen, Elyon, in the Animated Series of W.I.T.C.H.


Drake first appeared in the episode "Walk This Way". He and Caleb fought against Phobos, but, Drake and his men were turned into Trance Marchers by the Horn of Hypnos. He was released when the horn was destroyed.

Drake when under the control of the Horn of Hypnos

He then appeared again in episode 20: "The Seal of Phobos". He was a slave in the mines forced to work for Phobos and Cedric.

At the beginning of the first episode of Season 2, "A is for Anonymous", Drake and some of the other former rebel leaders, take a shift guarding Phobos is his cell. However, Nerissa attacks and Drake is seen being shocked by her lighting. He falls to the ground, appearing to be unconscious.

In the epsiode "F is for Facades", Drake, along with Caleb, Julian, and Aldarn, was given a medal by Queen Elyon for being a large part of the rebellion that freed Meridian from the reign of Phobos. During that episode, it is revealed that after the revolution Drake became a captain in the queen's forces when one of the guards refers to him as "Captain Drake".


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