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Edward Folkner was a hunter of unusual beings, particularly the ragorlang. He disguised himself as the new eye doctor at Sheffield Institute to find someone with the ragorlang mark that would lead him to his most elusive prey: Tecla Ibsen.


Folkner’s defining characteristic is his obsession with capturing Ragorlangs. He spent fifteen years of his life creating his Black Box Ragorlang trap, making great sacrifices so he could collect the monsters. When he was almost forced to give up his prized catch, he made the choice to merge himself with the creatures.[1]

In his Ragorlang monster form, Folkner became cocky and cruel, with his only desire to take more energy until the entire world was destroyed. He gleefully described to his enemies how he would hurt their loved ones and encouraged them to give up all hope.[2]


When Folkner first learned of the legendary Ragorlang monster, he became obsessed with catching them. For fifteen years, he studied mythical creatures and the dark arts so that he could create a device that would trap the monsters.[3] After collecting the materials and making great sacrifices, he finally created the magical Black Box.[1]

Folkner's method of finding the Ragorlang was to pose as an eye doctor, hired into schools. From there, he used his equipment to scan the eyes of students for the after-image of a Ragorlang, a mark left behind on those once attacked. When he found it, it meant that a Ragorlang was near and he could hunt for it.[4] Over the years, he'd found and captured many Ragorlang monsters into his box. At some point, he learned about Tecla Ibsen possessing a Ragorlang and as she evaded his every attempt to catch her, he viewed her monster as the ultimate prize of his collection.[3]

Able to sense Tecla's power[3], he tracked her and her husband to Open Hill just as she had taken another victim (who was Eric Lyndon's friend).[4] From there, he tracked her to Heatherfield and after moving into the house on 33 Vlad Street, he got a job as an eye doctor in Sheffield Institute.[4]

During the yearly medical examination, Folkner studied the eyes of Sheffield students, though Irma Lair found his equipment strange. He saw something suspicious when looking in the eyes of Hay Lin (who had already fought Tecla's Ragorlang[5]). Unable to get conclusive evidence, he let her go, but Hay Lin was disturbed by the experience.[6] After closer studies on his scans of Hay Lin's eyes, Folkner became more certain that he was getting closer to Tecla.[7]

During Sheffield's Olympics games inauguration show, a boy tripped and hurt himself. Folkner offered to see his wound, but only looked the boy in the eyes, still looking for the Ragorlang mark. W.I.T.C.H. noticed this as very odd and decided to keep an eye on the man.[8]

Folkner called for random eye examinations for all of the student several times. On the final attempt, he made it mandatory for Hay Lin, even choosing the appointment time for her. Bess and Courtney Grumper made an appointment with him early in the morning, but they never showed up. When Hay Lin arrived at her scheduled time, the rest of W.I.T.C.H. came with her, asking why they needed another examination. He declared it necessary and while the girls wanted to wait in the office, he sent them outside. Starting up his machinery, he asked if Hay Lin had seen the Grumpers, though didn't worry about it. He directed Hay Lin to stare into the machine and this time, he saw the Ragorlang mark clearly, which made him cheer out loud. He sent the frightened Hay Lin away, done with her now that he had his proof. He continued to work on this new theory, even getting a missing flyer of Tecla's Open Hill victim.[4]

He finally returned home late in the day, not knowing that W.I.T.C.H. had snuck in and were watching him while invisible. Oblivious to his audience, he spoke aloud about finding the mark on Hay Lin and doing "dirty work" for the good of all. The Guardians misconstrued the meaning and believed he worked for Tecla.[4]

To unwind from his long day, Folkner turned to his television. He eventually found a beauty competition for Miss Everyone and was shocked to see the "missing" Grumper sisters as participants. He was surprised that the two would skip school to compete, despite being declared as "exemplary" students. W.I.T.C.H. saw his confusion and accepted he had nothing to do with the Grumpers, though he was still suspicious. Folkner watched the beauty contest until the Grumpers caused a riot on stage, at which point he turned off the program and W.I.T.C.H. let him be. They still wanted to figure out his motives and how he connected to Tecla.[4]

Hay Lin started to have premonition dreams about Folkner in his hunter's uniform. During the school day, he found Hay Lin wandering around the hallways, clearly effected by the Ragorlang in her system. He openly asked her what she knew of the Ragorlang and she freaked out. Before he could activate his trap to take the remove the Ragorlang, she mutated and attacked him, forcing him to flee. He found her again later after she's terrorized the school, changed back to normal. He called her parents, telling them she had a fever, and had her sent home.[3]

Folkner returned to his office but the rest of W.I.T.C.H. burst in shortly after, looking for Hay Lin. Folkner told them the same lie and Will Vandom called to confirm she'd gotten home safely. Even so, they wouldn't let Folkner go and demanded answers about the Ragorlang and his "his friend" Tecla Ibsen. As they threatened to reveal his fake identity as a doctor and showed him they had incredible powers to fight him with, Folkner backed down. He revealed to them his true identity as a Ragorlang Hunter and explained the relevance of the Ragorlang mark in Hay Lin's eye, confirming Tecla to be nearby. His only desire was to capture Tecla's Ragorlang and W.I.T.C.H. warned him to stay away from their friend before leaving. Even with this, Folker called the Lin household, asking to check up on Hay Lin's condition.[3]

He visited The Silver Dragon but Hay Lin claimed to be asleep. He told her parents he would come back later, which they were grateful for, oblivious of the threat he posed. W.I.T.C.H. saw him leaving and ambushed him, ready to attack him for going near Hay Lin. However, he informed them that Hay Lin was now becoming a Ragorlang. The Guardians left to find their friend while Folkner went to get his hunter's gear, then tracked the infected girl to the old theatre. On his arrival, he found the mutated girl attacking her friends on the commands of Tecla, who he could finally meet face-to-face. He told the woman he'd been tracking her for a long time and used his Black Box to start draining the Ragorlang from her, though Tecla's husband Karl arrived to knock the hunter across the head. Folkner fell unconscious while the Ibsens escape, but W.I.T.C.H. managed to talk down Hay Lin. Once Folkner revived, he used his box to remove the Ragorlang energy from Hay Lin, returning her permanently back to normal. W.I.T.C.H. apologized to Folkner for their suspicions but he declared the fight with Tecla not yet over as he wouldn't stop until he had her Ragorlang. He also warned W.I.T.C.H. not to interfere with him any longer, then left. Hay Lin's opinion of Folkner improved slightly after this, though the girls still didn't trust him.[3]

It’s unknown what he did during the wishing magic day in Heatherfield. He seemed to be looking for Tecla again, perhaps knowing her power increased after stealing some of the magic.[9]

During Ecology week, Sheffield Institute signed up to visit Noah's Island and Folkner volunteered to join them as a physician. He knew W.I.T.C.H. would be going and predicted Tecla would follow them. On the day of departure, he assured Judge Cook that he would watch out for her daughter, Taranee. As they rode the train, Folkner made friends with the teachers while Hay Lin still found his presence creepy despite how he saved her before.[1]

That night on the island when all the students were separated, Folkner found Will wandering into the woods, chasing the Heart of Kandrakar. He went to inform Irma and admitted he was sticking close to the group to get Tecla, though now they needed to find Will. They summoned the rest of the Guardians and while they thought he might have done something to Will, he defended that he already knew they were each too strong for him to battle. With a tremulous truce stablished, they went together into the woods to find Will.[1]

They eventually found the missing girl at the location the Heart had brought them to: the very edge of Tecla's campsite. Folkner left the Guardians behind, hoping to surprise Tecla and steal her Ragorlang. However, Tecla had already been stalking their group and after stealing his Ragorlang trap, she surrounded him in Ragorlangs she'd made with the stolen powers of W.I.T.C.H. She revealed she knew his name and that he'd been following her around the world, able to sense his presence like he could sense hers. The new Ragorlangs attacked W.I.T.C.H. and forced them to fight their own powers while teleporting them across the island.[1]

Karl arrived to once more knock out Folkner and steal his Ragorlang trap, though a fight between the married couple prevented Tecla from destroying it. By the time Folkner woke up, W.I.T.C.H. had defeated Tecla's Ragorlang while Karl, turning against his wife, gave Folkner back his trap. Folkner was finally able to add Tecla's Ragorlang to his collections, leaving the old woman with no powers.[1]

Cornelia, understanding the trap had all the Ragorlangs Folkner had ever caught, ordered the man to hand it over as it was too dangerous for him. At the prospect of giving up on his life's work, Folkner made the choice to instead combine himself to all the Ragorlangs he'd captured, mutating him to a shadow-like monster. He told the Guardians not to look for him and disappeared into the woods, leaving behind his trap. W.I.T.C.H. tried to find him but with his new Ragolang abilities, they were forced to give up and leave Noah's Isle.[1]

Folkner made his way back to Heatherfield and hid out in his house. His powers continued to grow, turning him into a greater monster while warping reality within his former home. On the night of the Karmilla concert, he reached out to drain the energy of the crowd, alerting W.I.T.C.H of his return. They invaded his home, as did a returned Tecla Ibsen, but could not defeat his Ragorlang army. With his stolen energy, Folkner became a giant Ragorlang monster and declared he would drain the entire world. W.I.T.C.H. threw up a barrier to protect themselves and Tecla from Folkner, preventing him from taking their energy. We presented them with Folkner's Ragorlang trap and Tecla tried to use it to get her powers back, but it did nothing. Folkner attack her but Karl jumped in the way, protected his loved one even at the cost of losing his own lifeforce. Aggravated, Folkner turned his attention back to the city and sent out hordes of Ragorlangs so they could take more energy to power him. A repentant Tecla revealed to W.I.T.C.H. how to beat the Ragorlangs. By combining their powers with the Black Box, the guardians absorbed Folkner into his own greatest creation.[2]

Irma delivered the Black Box to the Oracle for safekeeping, instructing him never to open it.[2]


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