Edward Folkner was the new eye doctor at Sheffield Institute.


He "infiltrated" various schools to close to students and look for the Mark of the Ragorlang, a mark that Ragorlangs live in the eyes of their victims, using a special outfit and a magic box he created to trap the monsters inside it.[1] He moved to Heatherfield as the doctor in the girls' school.[2] Initially he helped the Guardians against Tecla Ibsen,[1] but in the end, he merged with the monsters trapped inside his magic box[3] and wanted to drain the energy of every human being on Earth. Folkner was defeated by W.I.T.C.H., who, with the advice of Tecla, combined their powers along with the box to create a powerful beam of magic light to suck back all the Ragorlangs, including Folkner himself, into the box, where they remained trapped.[4]



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