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The Elemental Queens are four Queens of the elements. Each queen rules over one the four elements of earth, air, water, and fire.


  • Queen of Water
  • Queen of Fire
  • Queen of Air
  • Dark Mother (presumably)


In a story that Yan Lin told to Himerish, Meter, the Queen of Spring, who made the forests grow and flowers bloom but she was taken over by her pride and the desire for power and she used her magic to transform into a monster, Dark Mother. Then she attacked Kandrakar with battalions of greenery, but she was defeated by the other Elemental Queens, the queens of fire, air and water, and she was exiled to the void, far from all the worlds.[1]



  • Nerissa mentioned that with enough power from the Heart of Kandrakar she could become one of the queens, hinting that all the queens were once Guardians.[citation needed]
  • Dark Mother was never explicitly stated to be the Queen of Earth, but as no other Queen of Earth was seen, and Dark Mother has powers over earth, and as the other three queens were referred to as the "other Elemental Queens", it is likely that she is the Queen of Earth.
  • As the Queen of Spring is presumably also the Queen of Earth, then it possible that the other Elemental Queens were also each associated with a season.