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Princess (Later Queen) Elyon Escanor (voiced by Serena Berman)[1][2] is a fictional character in the W.I.T.C.H. comics, TV series and chapter books.

She is first introduced as one of the main villains at the beginning and middle of the first arc, but later becomes one of the main heroes and supporting characters in the comic. She is one of the strongest magical allies of the Guardians.


Elyon is originally from Meridian but appears fully human. She has straw-blonde hair, worn in braids or twists, often accompanied by a headband over her forehead or the Crown of Light, sometimes with hoops hanging from the end of her braids. Her eyes are grey-blue. In Meridian, she often wears a long blue dress. In the TV series, on Earth, she usually wears purple outfits with dark purple boots.


Elyon Brown is a heart-warming, kind, and caring teenager.[citation needed] She is friendly and smart, however sometimes socially awkward, withdrawn and shy.[citation needed] Due to her young age, she is quite naive, but her intelligence eventually leads her to the truth (for example, when Will Vandom saves Cedric's life and he still tries to kill her, Elyon begins to question everything Cedric and Phobos have ever told her).[citation needed]



She was born in Meridian, the youngest child and only daughter to Queen Weira and High Consort Zayden, and heir to the throne. However, after the disappearance of her parents, Meridianites named Galgheita, Captain Miriadel and Alborn took her to Earth to protect her from her power-mad older brother, Prince Phobos, who had plans to steal her superior magical powers.[citation needed]

For the next twelve years, she was raised there as a normal girl by Miriadel and Alborn under the aliases of Eleanor and Thomas Brown. She knew nothing of Meridian or her true identity.

Elyon became best friends with Cornelia Hale and good friends with the other W.I.T.C.H. members. In the TV series, she was also friends with Alchemy.

Princess Elyon posing as swim coach "Vera" in issue 6 "Illusions and Lies"

When Elyon met Cedric, she developed a crush on him. Elyon began going to his book shop frequently and started to help him out with the shop.[citation needed] Cedric eventually tells her about her identity and turns her against the Guardians, convincing her to go to Meridian, where he teaches her to wield and use her powers.[citation needed]

While learning to use her magic, Elyon tricks W.I.T.C.H. several times in revenge for the pain she believes they have caused Meridian by protecting the Veil that separates them from the rest of the universe. Before trapping them in a painting, she claims the Veil hindered Phobos' search for her, keeping her away from her true family and her birthright.[3] She also imprisons Taranee in a magical bubble and keeps her in Meridian until the other W.I.T.C.H. members help free her,[4] as well as disguising herself as Will's swimming coach to lead the girls into a trap in Ye Olde Bookshop.[5]

However, at the portal in the back of the bookshop, Elyon watched Cedric get sentenced to execution by the rebels fleeing Meridian and watches Will save him at a risk to her own life. When Cedric tries to kill Will after this, she begins to doubt what Phobos and his court have told her.[5]

She took to wandering the streets of Meridian in disguise to see the real lives of the people she will one day rule. While out, she was confronted by guards who didn't believe her to be the princess, only to be saved by Cornelia. The two combine their powers to escape by creating an earthquake that is felt on Earth as well as Meridian. They reconcile, promising to always be best friends before Elyon is introduced to Caleb, the leader of the rebellion which is trying to overthrow Phobos and put her on the throne.[6]

Thinking about Caleb's words that the throne is her birthright, Elyon visits Miriadel and Alborn in prison to confront them about her brother. They tell her he is evil and will stop at nothing to get her powers before she is ushered out.[7]

W.I.T.C.H. freed Miriadel and Alborn among other prisoners when Elyon happened to be near the prison. She saw a guard beating a man trying to see his escaped brother and used her telekinesis to get rid of the whip he uses and revealed her identity, claiming the whole prison is a mistake. Remembering the way Miriadel taught her to use an eraser when she learnt to draw, Elyon demonstrated her immense power by erasing the prison with the same movements. As cheering crowds swarm her, Elyon saw Miriadel, with a minor injury, and called her "Mom".[8]

On the day of her coronation, Elyon was visited by W.I.T.C.H., who warn her one last time that Phobos isn't all he seems. She decided to trust them and put an Astral Drop in her place so that she could observe the ceremony from the crowd. Her Astral Drop was killed when the Crown of Light was placed on its head and Phobos revealed to Meridian he has been after Elyon's powers. Elyon and W.I.T.C.H. came out of their disguises and fight Phobos' guards before they were forced to retreat to the sewers, where Elyon was reunited with Miriadel and Alborn.[9]

W.I.T.C.H. snook Elyon into the castle for her final battle with Phobos while they fought Cedric for the Crown of Light. She won, but spared Phobos' life and is knocked unconscious by him. When she awoke, she was bound by light and unable to move but could hear Taranee through their telepathy. The Guardians were able to defeat Cedric and break the curse on the Crown of Light before Will placed it on Elyon's head, giving her the power of the Light of Meridian and the title of Queen of Meridian.[10]

On realizing she knew nothing about the world she's supposed to be ruling, Elyon left the Crown of Light in Miriadel and Alborn's care and takes a Meridian equivalent of a horse (or unicorn, as it has a horn) and travelled beyond the city in hope of learning more. Vathek secretly followed her but was discovered quickly after Elyon has a final meeting with her mother's spirit. They are captured by a group of Meridianites living under the ground, who believed that Phobos still ruled and Elyon is under his control. She managed to convince these people that she is queen and felt much better about her leadership skills.[11]

Later, she was forced into hiding on Earth when Phobos switched bodies with Endarno and became Oracle using his body.[citation needed] Not wanting to hide away, Elyon confronted Endarno only to recognise the hate in his eyes and refused to hand over the Crown in exchange for her freedom. He imprisoned her in the Tower of Mists and there she realized Endarno is actually Phobos.[citation needed] Yan Lin's spirit visited her and she confided in her, giving her the key to unlocking the Crown which was passed onto the Guardians. They freed her and faced Phobos and Cedric, who, disguised as Elyon, took the Crown of Light. Cedric is defeated and Phobos runs, only to jump into nothing rather than be captured. Elyon witnesses his suicide and tells Hay Lin, Irma and Taranee that they are her family now.[citation needed]

She made a brief appearance in the final arc to issue the challenge that will turn the Guardians into Magical Sovereigns.[12]

TV series

Unlike the comics, in the TV series, the only time she expressed interest in Caleb was in the Season One episode Happy Birthday, Will. It is thought that since through the rest of the series he's with Cornelia, Elyon as a best friend, hasn't done anything to further her feelings toward him, since he's currently not single.

In the second season of the TV series, Queen Elyon remains an important cast member, though she makes lesser appearance after being captured and imprisoned within a jewel from her late mother Queen Weria's crown (which became the physical embodiment of the Heart of Meridian).[13]

In the beginning of the season, elderly Nerissa gathered up allies of Prince Phobos who were injured or imprisoned by Princess Elyon and the Guardians, forming a group known as the Knights of Vengeance. The Knights had the purpose of destroying the Guardians and Elyon, thus allowing Phobos to rule again.[14] They cause numerous problems in Meridian, along with Nerissa and on one occasion, the Annihilators. As Queen of Meridian, Elyon plays a major role in stopping them, with the help of the Guardians, Caleb and Blunk.[15]In this part of the season, Elyon also goes to school on Earth to help keep Meridian and Kandrakar undercover and finishes the school year before being tutored in Meridian. Because of this, Elyon is shown often with the other girls at school.[15][16]

Shortly after having finished the school year on Earth, Elyon was curious about her birth parents because of the Jewel of the Crown that Trill, the maid, gave to her. She went into the Meditation Chamber with Trill, and saw Trill's memories of her birth parents which her believe that her parents were horrible people that didn't love her at all. Meanwhile, Phobos is freed and leads a major attack on the palace. After waking up from her trance and imprisoning Phobos and the Knights of Vengeance, Elyon angrily throws the Jewel of the Crown at Trill.[13]

Trill caught it and revealed that she is Nerissa in disguise, and has always been. She helped the rebellion both as The Mage and Trill. Nerissa said that she was patiently waiting for her chance to obtain Elyon's powers. The Jewel of the Crown had been draining her powers from her, and now that she had given it to Nerissa, the jewel as the now physical embodiment of the Heart of Meridian was hers. Nerissa then sealed Elyon inside the jewel and takes her as a captive.[13]

Elyon gets company in her imprisonment

Queen Elyon stayed trapped during the rest of the season, but the vast powers of the Heart of Meridian are used by Nerissa for many things. She was released at the end, where she regained her full powers and returns to her place as Queen of Meridian.[17]

Powers and abilities

Queen Elyon

Elyon is the Light of Meridian in the comics and the Heart of Meridian in the TV series, therefore possessing great magical power, power she is unaware of until she subconsciously draws upon it to save Cedric from the Guardians in the TV series.[citation needed]

In the comics, Elyon is the Light of Meridian, a savior position reserved for females of the royal family. which comes with powerful magical and is the rightful ruler of Meridian.[citation needed] According to Phobos and the Oracle, she is even stronger than Phobos himself.[citation needed]

In the TV series, Elyon is the rightful queen of Meridian as well as the Heart of Meridian, position which means she is equally as powerful as the Heart of Kandrakar and Lilian.[citation needed]

The following is a list of powers, abilities, and other talents that Elyon possesses:

  • Photokinesis: the ability to control and manipulate forms of light
  • Chronokinesis: the ability to manipulate and warp time
  • Generate waves and lightning bolts of energy and force.
  • Manipulate physical reality, changing it at will.
  • Create portals between Meridian and Earth, including ones that alter the matter that passes through it. (She was able to shrink the Guardians and Caleb when they traveled to Meridian through a portal she created.)
  • Open folds in space in time to Earth, Meridian, Kandrakar, Zamballa and other worlds.
  • Generate ghostly images of herself, similar to the Astral Drops. These illusionary copies are capable of moving independently of Elyon, but have no shadows, nor do they react as a real person would. If they are touched they disappear.
  • Project an astral form, partly transparent, even between Meridian and Earth. Unlike her ghostly copies, this form is the true Elyon, and she is able to use it to communicate.
  • Teleport, even between dimensions.
  • Possess flight.
  • Telekinesis: the ability to move objects simply through the will of one's mind
  • Phase through walls and presumably other solid objects.
  • Depict scenes of the future in drawings (though Elyon uses this power unintentionally and without knowledge of it). This can be seen as a type of premonition.
  • Trap others in an impenetrable transparent bubble prison.
  • Bind others with energy ropes (as she did with Phobos after defeating him).
  • Temporarily remove other's body parts, as she did with Taranee's mouth to stop her from warning the Guardians. This can be seen as reality warping.
  • Elyon disguised as Vera

    Change her appearance (glamour). This can also be seen as reality warping.
  • Turning drawings, thoughts or even stories into reality.
  • Make ice appear or freeze anything or anyone.
  • Create or conjure blasts of pure energy from her hands.
  • Element of light.
  • Trap people inside pictures.
  • Have power over the five natural elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Quintessence
  • Hypnosis.
  • Seal the Crown of Light with a spell strong enough to withstand the combined attacks of the Guardians
  • Force Cedric to return to his true form, with the aid of Hay Lin
  • Summon the Crown of Light from Cedric, even when worn by him
  • Create a protective field designed to prevent eavesdropping, even by magical methods, of such strength even Endarno, albeit without full powers as Oracle, was unable to pierce or even detect it, when aided by Caleb, Vathek and the five Guardians

Note: This list includes powers from both the comics and the TV series. Elyon does not show all of them in either. When Cedric obtained the Crown of Light, his own natural powers considerably weaker than Elyon's, he was able to defeat the Guardians, Himerish and Yan Lin, teleport, change into forms undetectable by the Council, and claims that he is actually capable of destroying Kandrakar itself.



Elyon's birth parents, Queen Weira and Zayden, disappeared under mysterious circumstances fourteen years ago[citation needed] and her brother Phobos took the throne. Elyon's mother appears to her in spirit form for guidance at times,[6][11] meaning that she is most likely currently deceased. However, she could be using the power of Astral Projection, a power that Elyon possesses, to communicate with her daughter.

Elyon's brother, Phobos, is a sadistic, ruthless and cunning tyrannical sorcerer. He possesses powerful magical powers as well, but not as strong as Elyon's. He ruled in Elyon's place but never had any formal power and wouldn't until Elyon was pronounced dead and he was crowned.[citation needed] Phobos mistreated his people and stole their and their land's life force and magic to increase his powers. After his defeat, he was imprisoned in the Tower of Mists in the comics and the Meridian Prison hold in the TV series.

Elyon was raised by Miriadel and Alborn, two Meridianites she believed to be her parents. They lived on Earth with Elyon under the aliases of Mr. Thomas Brown and Mrs. Eleanor Brown.[citation needed] They raised Elyon as a normal girl and told her nothing about Meridian or that they were beasts. When Elyon was taken to live with Phobos, they were locked up in the Prison of Meridian.[citation needed]

In the TV series, Elyon is told her parents are safe and living happily in a nice farm outside the city, when they were actually imprisoned in Cavigor, which was Meridian's high security underground prison, and she misses them very much and tells Phobos that while she didn't like that they hid her true identity from her, she still loved them.

In the comic, Elyon at first is furious at them for concealing her from her true identity, and does not remotely care about them being locked up.[citation needed] After Elyon was restored to her rightful place at the throne, they went to live with her in the Palace. Elyon loves them like her birth parents, and calls them Mom and Dad.[citation needed]



  • Her name in the original Italian comics was Elyon Portrait.
  • Since her biological family, the Escanors, hail from Britain,[citation needed] Elyon, like many other humans in Meridian, is British.
  • In the TV series, Elyon has the same birthday as Irma Lair: 13th March.[citation needed]
  • In the comics, Elyon's birthday is October 31, making her a Scorpio.[citation needed]
  • Interestingly, Elyon (עֶלְיוֹן) is a Hebrew word meaning "uppermost", "supreme", or "highest". It is one of the many epithets and titles for God in Judaism.
  • In the TV series, Elyon manages to find a way to explain her sudden absence from Heatherfield by claiming she was travelling; in the comic, even in latter arcs, she's still considered a missing person and investigated.[citation needed]
  • In the TV series and the comics, Elyon's full power seems to exceed or at least rival the combined strength of all five Guardians. This is at least partially explained in the show as Elyon is the Heart of Meridian whitch makes her equal in power to the Heart of Kandrakar or equal to the combined might of the guardians. [18]
  • In the TV series, there is an inconsistency about Elyon's age. In Happy Birthday Will, Elyon is stated to be 13, as Cedric was looking at birth records of 13-year-old girls. However, in Parent's Night and Escape from Cavigor, she is said to be 12. Then, in B is for Betrayal, the Oracle says that the Veil was raised 13 years ago after Phobos came to power.


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