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Endarno is a member of the Congregation of Kandrakar and the keeper of its prison. In Arc 4: Trial of the Oracle, he was the main antagonist as Phobos possessed him in order to become the Oracle.


In his early years as a warrior, Endarno was a proud and brave fighter who excelled in combat. He believed very highly in peace over war, even choosing to spare his enemies once they have been defeated. Though Endarno had a strong sense of loyalty, even to a tyrant commander, his sense of justice would always win out, especially when protecting the innocent. Despite his pride, Endarno did not hold back from praising those who he finds inspirational and showing his gratitude.[1][2]

As an elder in Kandrakar, Endarno is much like the other elders: mindful of the Oracle’s authority and the importance of following rules. He has less tolerance for jokes than Himerish, believing it to be a sign of insolence[3] while also being confused by the lack of veneration that W.I.T.C.H. shows to Kandrakar, especially Irma.[4] Endarno has no great desire for personal power,[2] only to support those who prove themselves worthy.[5] Though he has a strong dedication to always follow rules, even at the detriment of others, he can be “peer pressures” to make exceptions.[6]


Life in Basiliade

Endarno came from Basiliade, the same world Orube, Himerish, and Luba once lived. During his lifetime he fought in the great war between his own tribe, the Shantas, and the Ashas. Endarno was known as a great warrior but served under the villainous Sharr the Terrible, whose sole aim was to destroy all the other tribes of Basiliade. Endarno greatly disapproved of Sharr's ways, but never had the courage to stand against his commander.[1]

On the sixth new moon of the age of wrath, the Shantas triumphed over the Ashas with Sharr sentencing all Asha prisoners with death. Endarno protested this, wishing to end the fighting in a peaceful way rather than with more pain. Sharr turned to one of the captives to ask his opinion and the young soldier calmly asked that wisdom should illuminate all decisions. This message had a great impact on Endarno and while Sharr would have killed the boy on the spot, Endarno finally stood up to his commander. They fought and while Endarno's left eye was injured, leaving him scarred, he defeated Sharr once and for all. The ex-tyrant was dragged away by his own troops while the boy thanked Endarno for saving his life. Endarno likewise expressed gratitude to the young warrior for giving him the strength to overturn Sharr, declaring there to be a great inner power in him which inspires others. He asked the boy to cultivate this power as Basiliade would one day have a great need of it. Endarno turned to leave but asked the boy his name, to which he declared himself Himerish. [1] It is implied that Endarno took command of the Shantas and led them into the era of peace had desired.

Years following this battle, Himerish would go on to become Oracle of Kandrakar, using the same great strength that Endarno saw in him.

Life in Kandrakar

Endarno was eventually made a member of the Congregation of Kandrakar under Himerish, becoming custodian of the Tower of Mists which acted as the highest prison in the universe.[7]

Phobos took control of his body to escape the Tower of Mists where he was imprisoned.[8] Using Endarno's body, Phobos challenged Himerish and said he was no longer fit for the role of Oracle, which resulted in Himerish's banishment to Basiliade.[7] Phobos, in Endarno's body, became Oracle and gradually took over Kandrakar. Meanwhile, the real Endarno remained in Phobos's body, trapped in the Tower of Mists and growing depressed in his unjust imprisonment. He was visited by Phobos who mocked him, with Endarno having lost all hope of getting out. Himerish and W.I.T.C.H. broke into the Tower of Mists with the former Oracle determined to rescue his friend. Himerish tried to use his powers to keep Endarno alive, but it was clear this would not be enough. Fortunately, Will defeated Phobos and forced the two back to their original bodies, saving Endarno's life.[2]

Now back to normal, Endarno halted the Oracle ceremony to tell the council how they had been tricked, while the recaptured Phobos was brought in by W.I.T.C.H., Elyon, and Himerish. Endarno gave full credit to W.I.T.C.H. for saving Kandrakar while the repentant council apologized for doubting them. Elyon took her crown back from Cedric (who'd disguised as Yan Lin) and though he disappeared into the fortress to hide, Endarno ensured they would locate him soon. Phobos also made his escape and a vengeful Endarno wanted to capture him, though Himerish told him to let W.I.T.C.H. handle it. Ultimately, Phobos chose to jump into the infinite void rather than be imprisoned again.[2]

With this bad business over, Endarno spoke to the council as its current oracle, declaring their need to reconsider an oracle's tasks, but also to show gratitude to W.I.T.C.H. He led everyone in bowing to the Guardians, then allowed them and Elyon to return to their homes.[2]

Endarno formally abdicated the role of Oracle and allowed the spot to reopen for Himerish who the council believed was still the best pick.

The council was still enjoying the return of their peace and brightened by the new optimism of the reformed Himerish. When W.I.T.C.H. arrived, they greeted them in a more casual way as Himerish wanted to show them how his adventures on Basiliade had changed him for the better. The council once more expressed gratitude for their saving them and the universe from Phobos.[5]

Sometime following, preparations for Himerish's reelection as Oracle began. Endarno visited the other man to tell him about it and listened to Himerish's feelings about becoming Oracle one more after all he'd been through. Even so, he gave Endarno to start the ceremony and Endarno left him to his thoughts.[5]

The Triumvirate

Himerish was once again made Oracle of Kandrakar. However, he also decided that having a singular leader was no longer a good idea. With W.I.T.C.H. and Orube as witnesses, Himerish made Endarno and Yan Lin his equals, sharing his powers and responsibilities to create the Triumvirate. Following this ceremony, Himerish also informed W.I.T.C.H. of their task to supervise Cedric on Earth during his "probation", though Endarno and Yan Lin knew he worried if the girls could handle this task. Will declared they were up to it and the Guardians left for home, taking new friend We with them.[9]

The Triumvirate received a message from the elements through the transfiguring cards, which also summoned W.I.T.C.H. to Kandrakar. When Irma made a joke about this, Endarno scolded her for being insolent, though Himerish assured him this was just in humor, encouraging him to understand Irma's ways. Himerish informed the Guardians of the elements' message which warned them of a great change they would go through soon. Irma's flippant manner again angered Endarno but Himerish held him back from snapping at her which Yan Lin found humorous. Seeing the Guardians still unsure, Himerish took the girls to the Chamber of Spirits by himself to show their alternative futures. Endarno did not like this as he didn't want to give them hints which betrayed their stance not to interfere. Once W.I.T.C.H. went home again, Himerish explained that it was the elements who wanted him to show W.I.T.C.H. these things and make them more reflective, though even he didn't know what the purpose of it was. He also showed the two how the transfiguring cards had changed to possess W.I.T.C.H.'s pictures, symbolizing their destinies soon to change.[3]

When W.I.T.C.H. returned to Kandrakar to ask about Johnathan Ludmoore, the Triumvirate hesitated to talk about such a dark past. Even so, Himerish told as much as he could about Ludmoore's task to open portals in Heatherfield and how this impacted the five elements. W.I.T.C.H. weren't satisfied with only this but the Oracle admit that any further information was outside of his abilities to give as it was the elements putting them to the test this time, not Kandrakar. W.I.T.C.H. were forced to accept this and return home.[10]

When the Book of Elements swallowed Matt Olsen, the Triumvirate readied for the new tasks they would need to play as W.I.T.C.H. became involved with Ludmoore's powers.[4] The elements contacted Endarno, asking him to present W.I.T.C.H. with a copy of the map of portals to aid in their missions. For this reason, he met the Guardians in the Chamber of Spirits, informing them that the other Triumvirate members were busy which insulted the girls with his implication that they were less important than other things. Will, worried over the captured Matt, showed her frustration with Kandrakar's operations, confusing Endarno. Irma gave him a warning not to agitate the Keeper further and he again scolded her for being insolent, to which she declared he was not very smart. Will snapped at Endarno that she wanted answers to find Mat, not caring for his excuse about the elements' test, and wanting him to help them.[4]

For this, Endarno went to the Chamber's copy of the Sphere of Lagadath to get more information. He was able to show them a picture of Matt in the Book, but the sphere exploded right after do to its unstable spirit form. Interpreting the "signs", Endarno could tell them that Matt was alive inside of the Book, though an "evil presence" was with him. To get him out, they would need to open the Book's locks but not through force. The being in the book would contact them in time and tell them what to do. Will asked about the other signs from the sphere and Endarno reminded them how parts of the elements escaped Ludmoore's Book, the same they would need to get the Book open. However, monstrous "protectors" would be standing guard over them which W.I.T.C.H. would need to fight. With this understood, Endarno could finally present them the parcel which held the map, though he did not explain what it was; he only declared that the elements told him to hand it over. After that, he left the Chamber without another word, letting the Guardians return home.[4]

With Himerish and Yan Lin, he watched as the map of portals merge with the Book of Elements to tell W.I.T.C.H. where to find the elemental stones. Endarno declared this would be their most difficult task yet, one they would be facing without Kandrakar's help. Yan Lin was confident the Guardians could overcome the challenge while Himerish worried about what they had not yet discovered about Johnathan Ludmoore.[4]

Endarno and Yan Lin found Himerish being attacked by the transfiguring cards and rushed him away to safety. He assured he was alright but also worried that he could no longer communicate with the elements even as they expressed their agitation to him so clearly. He finally informed his fellow leaders that the "evil presence" within the Book of Elements was the remains of Johnathan Ludmoore, using Matt as bait to have W.I.T.C.H. open the Book so he could escape. Yan Lin wanted to help the girls but Himerish insisted they could not interfere, even with so much danger afoot. The Triumvirate watched as W.I.T.C.H. split up to find the earth and air stones, getting both sides stuck in dangerous situations. Yan Lin again wanted to aid them and Endarno, wanting to keep with the rules, dissuaded her. Himerish agreed they could not get involved, but did ask they help him to fix the "atmospheric conditions" that blocked the girls' telepathic communications. Yan Lin gladly joined in and though Endarno tried to scold them for going against the rules, he eventually gave in to give his help. Thanks to them, W.I.T.C.H. were able to claim the final stones they needed. The Triumvirate then watched as the girls inserted their stones and were forcibly dragged into the book by Ludmoore along with Orube and Cedric.[6]

Unable to see inside of the book, the Triumvirate were left to worry about them, noticing also that the transfiguring cards had disappeared. Endarno was concerned as those cards were their only method to communicate with the elements, but there was nothing they could do except to wait for W.I.T.C.H. and Orube to find their own way back.[11]

Luckily, W.I.T.C.H., Orube, and Matt succeeded in beating Ludmoore and escaped the Book of Elements. The transfiguring cards brought the group to Kandrakar where the Triumvirate congratulated them. The elders promised a big celebration as reward for their victory but until it was ready, they gave them all special rings as a sign of their thanks. After that, they sent them all back to Earth. Orube returned shortly after, accompanied by We, wishing to live in the fortress again as she recovered from Cedric's death. The council finally held their great party for W.I.T.C.H.[12]

Lessened role

The series went through a change in later issues, with Himerish again acting as solo leader. Though he would sometimes work with Yan Lin, he no longer called on Endarno for tasks, hinting that the Triumvirate was no longer in effect.

Following events with the Book of Elements, Kandrakar opened one last portal between them and Earth so that the Guardians could communicate with them freely.[13] At one point, Yan Lin was stolen from the fortress by the Singyu people, though W.I.T.C.H. rescued her.[14] At Kandrakar's request, W.I.T.C.H. traveled around the universe, introducing themselves to every planet and collecting requests for Kandrakar to fulfill.[15]

When it was time for Kandrakar to perform their Purification Ceremony, Endarno was not seen with the Oracle or among the congregation. Furthermore, Himerish sat alone with Tibor at his side once again, confirming that the Triumvirate was no more.[16]

Endarno sat among the other council members and the leaders of every world to hear Himerish's declaration: he was going to seal Kandrakar off from the other worlds, trying to escape Dark Mother's reach.[17] This was the last time Endarno was seen.

Himerish's plan ultimately failed as Dark Mothers' power breached the fortress,[18] taking over the entire council[19] and imprisoning them all. They were eventually rescued by W.I.T.C.H.[20] but a regretful Himerish decided to permanently abdicate his position as Oracle, passing the title to Yan Lin. Himerish then left the fortress to start a new life while Yan Lin took over all operations as the new leader.[21]