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Endarno is a member of the Congregation of Kandrakar and the keeper of its prison. In Arc 4: Trial of the Oracle, he was the main antagonist as Phobos possessed him in order to become the Oracle.


Life in Basiliade

Endarno came from Basiliade, the world where both Orube and Himerish came from, and at that time, warring tribes resided on the planet. Endarno, a great warrior, was of the Shantas, a tribe that was lead Sharr the Terrible, whose sole aim was to destroy all the other tribes of Basiliade.[1]

On the sixth new moon of the age of wrath, the Shantas triumphed over the Ashas, Himerish's people, and Sharr sentenced all the Asha prisoners to eternal oblivion, but Endarno protested against this, and told Sharr to stop and requested that the Shanta's victory be not another step in the war, but the beginning of peace for Basiliade. Sharr asked Himerish, of his opinion of this statement, and Himerish merely said, "May wisdom guide your decision". This enraged Sharr and made him to roar in response, "Then you will be the first to fall!" He prepared to slay Himerish with a sweep of his blade, but Endarno intervened, blocking the blow with his own sword.[1]

Sharr was then angered further, and he swore that Endarno would pay for his insolence, injuring Endarno by slashing the right side of his head and his right eye with his blade, which have Endarno his scars. Endarno rebelled against Sharr, ordering two soldiers to take him away, overthrowing him and destroying his reign. Himerish then stood up, thanking Endarno for saving his life and told him that he was forever indebted to Endarno, who replied by saying: "There is great strength in you. And it's not the the strength of the hand that holds a sword". Endarno then asked for Himerish's name, and the young Asha told him.[1] He soon befriended the prisoner he saved who eventually became the Oracle.

Life in Kandrakar

Endarno was eventually made a member of the Congregation of Kandrakar and became custodian of the Tower of Mists.[2]

Phobos took control of his body to escape the Tower of mists where he was imprisoned.[3] Using Endarno's body, Phobos challenged Himerish and said he was no longer fit for the role of Oracle, which resulted in Himerish's banishment to Basiliade.[2] Phobos, in Endarno's body, became Oracle.[1] He protested that the Guardians did not run their tasks as asked and tried to replace the Guardians.[3]

Will and the other Guardians did not refer to him as the Oracle, but instead called him by his name. The Council of Kandrakar called him Endarno the Wise.[citation needed]

The minds were switched back to their respective bodies once Phobos was defeated. Endarno became part of the triumvirate oracle with Yan Lin and Himerish.[4]