Eric Lyndon (voiced by Justin Shenkarow)[1] is a recurring character in both the W.I.T.C.H. TV series and comics.


Eric has shiny black hair and dark eyes.


He is crazy about science and technology and his brain is bursting with imagination. He owns an electric scooter and loves to play basketball with Nigel and the other boys.[citation needed]



Eric spent his life traveling with his parents,[citation needed] Louisa and Charles Lyndon, as they studied the stars. When he was a teenager, they went to study at a remote observatory on an island and chose to leave Eric in the care of his grandfather, Zachary Lyndon, who lived in Heatherfield.[2]


Some time after Eric arrived to Heatherfield, he went out to ride his motorbike and had a fateful encounter with Hay Lin that ended in her spilling ice cream on him. He later met her again at her family restaurant, The Silver Dragon, and asked her to stargaze with him at the observatory. This was the start to their romance. Once the summer ended, he was glad to meet Hay Lin on the first day of school and was introduced to the rest of W.I.T.C.H. He also made the acquaintance of Martin Tubbs who volunteered to show him around town and Matt Olsen, who was oddly cold to him. When school had ended, he took up Martin's offer of a tour and happened across a basketball game where he met Nigel Ashcroft who invited him to play. Matt was also part of the game and while Eric spoke to the other boys, he realized that Matt was mad at him based on a misunderstanding that he was interested in Will Vandom, Matt's crush. Eric easily settles this and invited the boys to eat at The Silver Dragon, revealing his own crush on Hay Lin.[3]

Eric became a big part of the Nerissa arc as the girls gave him the Diary of Halinor so that his grandfather could decipher what it said.[4] When Hay Lin later came to check on their progress, Eric was nervous about trying to ask her to Galgheita Rudolph's retirement party, not knowing she was also worried about this. They were found in awkward silence by Professor Lyndon who informed Hay Lin the diary spoke of an unknown star which he would need more time to find. She understood and left sadly.[5] W.I.T.C.H. all made a return to the observatory and Eric told them that his grandfather found the star location though he was called impatient for jumping in so fast. However, Professor Lyndon could not see The Star of Cassidy when he looked there (as only Will can) and assumed it was all a hoax. Eric apologized to Hay Lin, having wanted to help her but she sincerely thanked him for trying before leaving with the others. The Lyndons were still in the building when W.I.T.C.H. snuck in to use the telescope and knew nothing of their battle with Khor (which destroyed part of their building) until after they’d defeated him. W.I.T.C.H. snuck out as Eric called the police.[6] When he met Hay Lin at school the next day, he told her that delinquents had broken into the observatory and wrecked their planetarium. She offered her help in cleaning up (mostly out of guilt) and he accepted, leaving the school together.[7]

Eric joined Hay Lin, Nigel, and Taranee in writing an article for their school paper about the Rock and Roll Café. When they went for their visit, they found the restaurant closed for that day and ended up in a fight with Uriah's Gang. The police were called and the whole group was taken downtown. When Judge Cook arrived, she didn't give Taranee a chance to explain, certain that she lied and was getting into trouble. She slapped her daughter in front of everyone, to Taranee's humiliation and rage.[8]

Eric wasn’t chosen to leave for the Redstone Exchange program. The day before departure, Hay Lin approached him to say goodbye and he requested that she write him while she was away, mentioning the stars she would see from there. She mumbled her wish that he would be coming, which surprised him. She tried to deflect that she wanted him to come and teach her about stars, but he kissed her on the cheek as a goodbye, proving he understood her feeling.[9]

Sometime after Hay Lin returned from Redstone, she and Eric set up a time to meet which she had to cancel (to attend the Oracle’s trial).[10]

Hay Lin made a surprise visit to the Observatory and when Eric answered the door, she gave him a CD she knew he wanted. He was delighted by the gift as it was a collectors item he’d wanted for a long time. He was so happy, he impulsively kissed Hay Lin on the cheek only to become embarrassed and flee back into his house. He immediately regret running away, calling himself an idiot, and not knowing Hay Lin was too happy about the kiss to care.[11]

After a long time, Eric’s parents finally contacted him about coming to live with him in Heatherfield. He told this to Hay Lin and expressed a desire that they meet each other.[12] Hay Lin came by the house unannounced, as she wanted to show him her braces-free smile. His mother came out to meet her and the two had an odd interaction (as they had already met in an awkward way that day). Eric notes this but his mother brushes this off, saying she felt like she knew the girl due to how much he talked of her. This made him embarrassed and they invited Hay Lin inside for dinner.[13] At the table, the family told Hay Lin about their ancient astrolabe, part of their collection, and volunteered to show it to her later. This made her happy and Professor Lyndon complimented her on her curiosity, calling it a precious gift when properly directed. The conversation carried on as the Lyndons explained about their job in studying stars and how they’d been living on an isolated island recently which was why they sent Eric to Heathfield. He insisted he would have been fine to wo with them but as explained by his grandfather, they all wanted him to continue his schooling. Hay Lin declared she was glad he came to Heatherfield to his shy happiness and his father also teased him about making his own “interesting discoveries”. Mrs. Lyndon saved them further embarrassment by offering Hay Lin a tour around the observatory, explaining a lot of interesting things as they went. In the middle of it, Eric took Hay Lin’s hand to her joy. At last, Mrs. Lyndon showed their guest the astrolabe and allowed her to hold it. But at that same moment, the air guardian received a telepathic message which startled her and she nearly dropped it, though it was caught by Mr. Lyndon. She apologize to the family for the accident and also declared she had to leave. Eric implored her to stay as it was just an accident but she insisted and left. When she was gone, one of the adults asked Eric if his friend was always so emotional. Later on, Hay Lin returned to the household on Irma’s recommendation and brought a gift of cake in apology for her strange behavior. Mrs. Lyndon answered the door and assured the girl she didn’t need to apologize. She called for Eric to come see his friend but by the time he arrived to the door, Hay Lin had been forced to leave once again for guardian business. Mrs. Lyndon remarked that she wanted to properly talk with to the “wonderful girl” if she could get a chance.[2]

Eric eventually moved to Open Hill and developed a long-distance relationship with Hay Lin.[14]

TV series

While on on excursion around town, Eric first spotted Hay Lin from a bus stop as she was making a delivery for The Silver Dragon. Their eyes met and for her, it was love at first sight. However, her powers caused her bike to levitate and this greatly shocked him, though the arrival of his bus forced him to leave, to her regret.[15]

When school started back, Eric had become a but more aware of Hay Lin, smiling her way as he passed her in the cafeteria.[16]

Eric's popularity in school quickly skyrocketed. Not just Hay Lin was after him but two cheerleaders ran up to embrace him in the middle of the courtyard. When Hay Lin finally worked up the nerve to talk to him, he didn't know her name and greeted her "Hey, you". The conversation was interrupted by the Grumpers' K-Ship radio announcement about him as the "new freshman yummy boy" in a relationship with the two cheerleaders. These cheerleaders quickly appeared and began to fight one another for him while he tried to denounce being owned by anyone.[17]

At some point, Eric's interested began to turn to Hay Lin, having finally learned her name. After she broke up a conversation between him and Matt (secretly Shagon), he waited until she was alone to ask her if she was alright and offer her a chocolate-covered fortune cookie. She declared being stressed about her grandmother, something he could relate to as he often worried for his grandfather. The sweet moment was ruined when Hay Lin found her fortune cookie empty which is a bad omen. Later that evening, Eric and Zachariah visited The Silver Dragon for food and he met Hay Lin again, greeting her as "Hey, You" which would become his nickname for her. Taking her hands, he asked her about her grandmother and she reported all was fine. On that note, Eric nervously began to ask if they plus their grandparents might meet up some time, an idea seconded by Yan Lin who declared they could all double date. [18]

Eric and Hay Lin had become very close, seen going on dinner dates with their grandparents (though this was just in Altemere Yan Lin's dream). Eric showed off his saxophone skills for her, which was noticed by Uriah Dunn. He was invited to join the boy's band for the upcoming Battle of the Bands and though Hay Lin advised against it, Eric agreed as he just wanted to play. However, every time he tried to talk to Uriah about rehearsing their music, he was deflected with assurance that they would be great. On the night of the contest, he finally cornered the other boys and demanded they rehearse at least once. In this, he discovered that all of Uriah's boasts were for nothing and they now faced possibility of being laughed at. Uriah offered another suggestion: they set up a stink bomb to clear out the concert and Eric seemed to go along with it. Hay Lin was not pleased to hear this and tried to stop him, but Eric insisted he knew what he was doing. Just as the bullies readied to unleash their stink, Eric threw it back on them in revenge for having tricked him. When it was finally the Dunnsters time to play, they played the only song they knew which was itsy-bitsy spider. Luckily, Eric provided a very remarkable saxophone solo to the song which impressed the crowd. Hay Lin agreed that she shouldn't have worried about him. Later, he and Hay Lin were holding hands as they watched Wreck55 play.[19]

Eric became caught up in the mind control of Nerissa while she was disguised as teenager, forcing him and the other boys to love her. He became her tool for slowly breaking Hay Lin's will, having him falling over himself to please her right in front of Hay Lin. Later at the mall, she commanded him to outright mock the air guardian along with the mind-controlled Yan Lin (really an altemere), dissing her new braces which sent her running off crying. After W.I.T.C.H. challenged Nerissa to a battle, the sorceress had him restrained to a giant lightbulb and hung from the ceiling, slowly frying him as a way to upset Hay Lin. But this plan backfired as Hay Lin finally snapped out of her depression so she could save him, passing the unconscious boy off to Matt while she and the other guardians sent Nerissa running. When Eric finally woke up, he was shocked to see the state of the mall, having no memory from his time under Nerissa's spell. As Hay Lin assured him everything would be okay, he noticed she had gotten new braces and though she feared his reaction, he declared nothing could ever look ugly on her. Furthermore, the braces were temporary and very shiny. This last statement delighted Hay Lin (as she thought the same) and she kissed him, to his surprise and mutual joy.[20]

He sat with Hay Lin at lunch as she tried to come up with an idea for her painting for the art show. When she began to panic after hearing her favorite artist would be a judge, he unhelpfully reminded her that she had no painting yet. He later attended the art show along with W.I.T.C.H. and her parents, certain her painting would win and even giving her a kiss on the cheek for luck. They were all disappointed when she didn't get first prize, though she was happy enough that Lili Quinones complimented her work. He was soon ditched with the Lins as W.I.T.C.H. left for Meridian, which Hay Lin called "bad karma".[21]

Eric was last seen attending the group date with Hay Lin and the other W.I.T.C.H. couples.[22]



Hay Lin

Hay Lin thought that he has a musical name, and she became very nervous when he was around her. As a result of this, she once accidentally turned invisible and made her bike float in mid-air. Eric saw both these things, but seemed to think they were illusions.[15]


His mother and father are named Louise and Charles. They spent several years living on a remote island in the middle of the ocean. Eric lived with his grandfather while they were travelling.[2]


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