Erin Peyton is part of the supporting cast of Arc 6: Ragorlang of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.

She once worked under Tecla Ibsen as a tool to weaken the friendship of the Guardians, but later changed sides when she discovered Tecla's true intentions.


Erin is a young girl with dark complexion and has wavy purplish-blue hair tied to a ponytail.


Because of Tecla's claims about the Guardians and due to her urge to look for her long lost brother Kader, she joined her side and planed on ruining the friendship of the Guardians by using her powers against them.[1]

Her first impression of the Guardians is completely negative and was influenced by Tecla. She can show two different facets of her behavior, acting nicely to the Guardians when she needs to gain their trust and showing a more sinister behavior when she turns her back to them. Her initial plans to ruin the Guardian's trust with each other made her first impression to her, likewise, far from good.[1]

Erin with her brother Kader

When Irma offered to share her bedroom with her, she started to show her real side. In fact, she was just a girl who longed for her brother, whom Irma found out to have been attacked by Ragorlangs along with the rest of the village where she originated.[1]

After she discovered that Tecla was the one responsible for hurting her loved ones, she switched sides and assisted the Guardians (later, with her brother) until she and her brother decided to return to their homeland.[2]

Powers and abilities

Erin using her ability

Erin has the ability to manipulate a person's attitude for periods of time just by placing her closed hands one on top of the other. She has managed to use it without fail on the Guardians, and has created commotions between the Guardians with ease.[1]

She can also fire energy beams which she once used to fend off Ragorlang.[2]


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