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Erin Peyton is part of the supporting cast of Arc 6: Ragorlang of the W.I.T.C.H. comics.

She once worked under Tecla Ibsen as a tool to weaken the friendship of the Guardians, but later changed sides when she discovered Tecla's true intentions.


Erin is a young girl with dark complexion and has wavy purplish-blue hair tied to a ponytail.


Because of Tecla's claims about the Guardians and due to her urge to look for her long lost brother Kader, she joined her side and planed on ruining the friendship of the Guardians by using her powers against them.[1]

Her first impression of the Guardians is completely negative and was influenced by Tecla. She can show two different facets of her behavior, acting nicely to the Guardians when she needs to gain their trust and showing a more sinister behavior when she turns her back to them. Her initial plans to ruin the Guardian's trust with each other made her first impression to her, likewise, far from good.[1]

Erin with her brother Kader

When Irma offered to share her bedroom with her, she started to show her real side. In fact, she was just a girl who longed for her brother, whom Irma found out to have been attacked by Ragorlangs along with the rest of the village where she originated.[1]

After she discovered that Tecla was the one responsible for hurting her loved ones, she switched sides and assisted the Guardians (later, with her brother) until she and her brother decided to return to their homeland.[2]


Erin and her brother, Kader, came from the Roamers, wanderers who ventured across the universe, looking for the perfect home. They eventually settled on Earth, finding a beautiful island in the tropics where they lived happily.[2]

One day, Tecla Ibsen arrived to the village, capturing people and making them wear her mirror jewelry, dividing their bad sides from their good and leaving them meek while creating Ragorlangs from their negative energy. Kader was aware of her doing this but Erin was not.[1]

With this stolen energy, Tecla created an army to attack the entire village at once and drain the energy of all its people. Kader led most of their people away through their hidden passages, but Erin was dragged away by the ragorlangs, separating her from her brother. Unaware of Tecla's crime, Erin was led to believe the woman saved her life, putting her in deep gratitude to her.[1]

Tecla took Erin to her hideout and lied to her, saying that W.I.T.C.H. were the ones who destroyed her village with their "shadow creatures". Erin, overcome with fury for her ruined home and lost brother, agreed to help Tecla destroy them. The woman drew Erin pictures of W.I.T.C.H. and explained their powers, telling her to sneak into their lives and disrupt heir peace using her abilities. To Irma Lair, she needed to bring her over to her side and once she had her, she could use her to attack the others. Erin agreed to this mission.[1]

Erin joined the Kate Cultural Exchange Center, under the coordinator Mr. Ritter, and was assigned the Lair family which would make it easy for her to get close to Irma.[1]

Erin arrived at Sheffield Institute with the other exchange students though her host, Irma, was running late. Principal Knickerbocker assigned Bess and Courtney Grumper to keep her company and while the sisters took the chance to badmouth Irma, Erin had fun toying with them. W.I.T.C.H. eventually arrived and the Grumpers pushed Erin their direction while the girl, remembering Tecla's advice to break them up, pretended to be very nice. She began her mission by using her powers on Taranee and Will, having them insult Cornelia for no reason. Irma greeted Erin and took her into the school to start their classes, though continued mockery from the bewitched-Guardians put her in a bad state with her friends who were left confused by their own actions.[1]

Later that evening, Erin and Irma arrived to the welcoming party at Sheffield Institute where Erin used her magic to make Irma very mean to her friends. Taranee and Sheila kept their distance but Irma's words infuriated Hay Lin to the point she left the party early. Irma, oblivious to Erin's influence, was having a lot of fun while declaring how glad she was to be friends with Erin. Erin noticed Uriah Dunn picking on the other exchange students and with Irma, stood up to the bully and sent him away to the cheers of everyone else. Cornelia approached Irma to talk and Erin had the water Guardian insult the blonde again. She pretended to dissuade their argument while Cornelia blew up at her, declaring she didn't know them and had no right to interfere. Erin continued to play innocent and after Irma splashed soda over Cornelia, the earth Guardian stormed away while the two laughed. She had successfully isolated Irma from her friends.[1]

After the party, Irma took Erin to her house, still proclaiming how much fun they had had. She enjoyed milk and cookies with the Lair family, watching their interactions and feeling jealous of their happiness while she was all alone. When it was time for bed, Irma noticed Erin's melancholy and she admitted that she once had a brother of her own, which Irma thought meant he was gone. Irma again declared happiness to have met her but Erin could only think of her revenge.[1]

After Irma was finally asleep, Erin could finally begin the second phase of her mission and with her powers, merged her own thoughts into Irma's mind to take control of her completely. She observed how Irma seemed like such a nice person but after what Tecla had told her, she was determined to make W.I.T.C.H. pay the consequences of destroying her home.[1]

Early in the morning, Erin and Irma arrived at Sheffield Institute for the field trip. With Irma's mind completely under Erin's control, she turned away for her friends and ignored their attempts to get close. Hay Lin changed tactics by trying to talk to Erin directly who revealed she knew of her air powers and demanded she keep her distance or she would reveal their secret to the world. Hay Lin was confused by this anger but Erin refused to be swayed, declaring that she destroyed the Roamer's land. After boarding the bus, Erin sat with Irma who struggled against her mental control. Erin reinforced the hold, commanding her hostage to sleep. Unknown to her, Taranee began probing through Irma's mind and picked up on Erin's memories of the ragorlang attacking the Roamer village, which told W.I.T.C.H. the truth of the matter.[1]

Arriving to the theatre, Will tried to talk to Irma only to find she was just a puppet for Erin now. Through Irma's mouth, Erin blamed W.I.T.C.H. for destroying her home, then the two left. Ignoring their assigned seats, Erin took them to the balcony and once the performance began, she lured Cornelia out of the audience and into the dressing room. Cornelia tried to fight back with her powers but Erin suppressed them, mocking her for not calling up "her" creatures. The other Guardians found them and after freeing Cornelia, transformed to finally stop Erin. They explained to the girl she had been deceived by Tecla and though she didn't believe them at first about her savior, Hay Lin could describe the feeling of being attacked by the ragorlang just as Erin was. They mentioned having seen Kader in the vision and offered to help her get back to him, which finally got through to Erin. She agreed to give them a chance but kept Irma as a hostage until she had proof. The group was found by Knickerbocker, led by the Grumpers who wanted to get them in trouble. Erin used her min-control powers to turn the principal against the journalists but reiterated she didn't yet trust the Guardians.[1]

W.I.T.C.H. took Erin to Ye Olde Bookshop where she was startled by We then shown the magic portal. Working together, they opened a window to Kader and Erin was overjoyed to see her brother, safe and well. While the Guardians were captivated by the boy's beauty, Erin freed Irma from her spell, apologizing for having used her but the water Guardian was also more interested in the handsome Kader. On their command, the portal brought Kader into the Bookshop and the siblings could finally reunite. Erin introduced her brother to W..I.T.C.H., giving them credit for bring them together again. Kader wanted to return Erin to their people at once but she refused as she wanted to help W.I.T.C.H., especially Hay Lin who had also been attacked by the Ragorlang, calling her a friend. Kader wasn't sure but when Erin remarked that she owed them a debt of honor, he agreed to stay too until she was ready to go. Cornelia and Taranee were quick to offer him space in their homes but Will declared the boy would stay in the bookshop with We. Kader walked with Erin and Irma back to the Lair house, asking them to find him clothing so he would not stand out. The siblings said their goodnights, very happy to have one another again.[1]

Erin woke up late in the night, unable to sleep, and spoke with Irma. She confessed how surreal it felt to be reunited with Kader after so long and worried he might be lonely in the bookshop. Irma reminded her he had We for company.[2]

After school the next day, Erin was leaving with W.I.T.C.H. and witnessed Cornelia punishing Uriah for his bullying ways, to which he swore revenge against her. They met up with Kader and together, broke into Tecla's former hideout, only to find it abandoned. Kader was frustrated that she had gotten away while Erin feared having to confront the woman who had hurt her with her monster.[2]

The group went out for pizza and Kader found himself the target for Irma's flirting as well as Cornelia's (though she was just trying to annoy Irma). All of this confused Erin who couldn’t understand why the girls where arguing so over her brother. They dropped off Cornelia at her apartment building and continued on their way. Shortly afterward, though, Will received a warning from the Heart of Kandrakar that Cornelia was in trouble. The siblings were left behind while the Guardians rushed to aid their friend, saving her from a Ragorlang attack.[2]

The next day, the group reconvened at the bookshop to discuss Uriah's gang and the changes they'd undergone. Kader recognized the signs and asked if the boys wore any trinkets on them. When Irma confirmed they wore reflective pins, he informed them of Tecla's weapons which had turned the Roamer's into her prisoners and made her army. With what they had learned, the group split up to handle the situations. Erin, Will, Taranee, and Hay Lin left to visit the Kate Culture Center to ask about Erin's supervisor, Mr. Ritter, who might be connected to Tecla. The rest went to get the pins from Uriah’s gang. They arrived to the center and despite a brief introduction to the school’s new eye doctor, they learned that there was no coordinator by the name of Mr. Ritter associated with the Center. Heading back to the bookshop, they deduced that “Mr. Ritter” was actually Karl Isben who had been spying on them and thus, knew Erin had changed sides which was why they had fled. The magic portal showed them the ragorlangs attacking the new amusement park and Taranee sent a telepathic message for the others to meet there.[2]

Once the civilians had fled, the group fought against the monsters. The ragorlangs fled into the House of Mirrors while W.I.T.C.H. shattered the pins to hopefully destroy them. Kader tried to warn them that mirrors make the monsters multiply but was too late as an army of ragorlangs burst from the attraction. Kader saved Irma from being hit, leading to a moment between them. Erin found her attacks had no effect on the monsters. Will eventually had an idea to bury all the monsters in a dirt dome, cutting off the light that made them and causing them to disappear. Uriah’s group was returned to normal.[2]

The next day, it was time for Erin and Kader to leave. Erin had already said goodbye to Irma's parents but as the group returned to the bookshop to use the portal, she admit still not wanting to leave while Tecla was still on the loose. Will insisted she had to go back to her people after such a long time away and declared that with the portal, they could meet again anytime they wanted. She was always welcome. She watched her brother share a heartfelt goodbye with Irma, who he had grown very attached to.[2]

The Peytons finally returned to their people. They made no further appearances.

Powers and abilities

Erin using her ability

Erin has the ability to manipulate a person's attitude for periods of time just by placing her closed hands one on top of the other. She has managed to use it without fail on the Guardians, and has created commotions between the Guardians with ease.[1]

She can also fire energy beams which she once used to fend off Ragorlang.[2]