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Prince Escanor was a human who went to Meridian to fight for the Galhots. He later founded the royal line of Meridian[1] which became known as the Escanor Dynasty.[2]


The Oracle of Kandrakar was asked by the Galhots for help and the Oracle saw Prince Escanor, a hero from Britain, as its savior when Meridian was threatened by the brigands Kahedrin. The prince accepted the Oracle's request to save Meridian and together with his companions, the four knights Hoel, Didier, Grendal and Brandis, he fought by the side of the Galhot.[1]

The war was a fierce battle. It seemed endless but by the end of the war, King Morgon of Kahedrin was defeated. The Galhot then offered the throne to Escanor but he was doubtful. Leryn, his bride, decided to follow him and so the new monarch was founded and the four towers of Metamoor were dedicated in honor of the four knights of Escanor. From then on the human-like Escanors ruled Meridian,[1] until Elyon's mother, when the queen suddenly disappeared and Phobos seized the throne for himself.


  • In the comics, Phobos and Elyon are the only remaining Escanors, but in the TV series the human race seems to exist in Meridian and are can be assumed to be the descendants of Escanor (but not part of the monarchy) and his companions, the four knights.
  • Escanor was the name of two characters in the Arthurian Legends:
    • Escanor the Large, the Son of a giant and a witch.
    • Escanor the Handsome, the King of the White Mountain and nephew of Escanor the Large.
  • One of his companions, Hoel, is also named after a character from the Arthurian Legends.
  • According to the writers, Escanor was a member of King Richard's court and later King John's court. He served as part of the royal guard defending Prince John while his brother the king fought during the Crusade. He and his companions all fought the French army's during their war with Britain after the Crusades right before they were sent to Meridian.[citation needed]