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Sporty Friends (Italian Amiche x sport, literally Friends for Sport) is the tenth Mini Special issue from the series W.I.T.C.H. Everyday. It was first published in April 2007 alongside Issue 073: The Dark Summons and is eight pages long. The script was written by Silvia Gianatti and the art was by Lucio Leoni.[1]


Will, Taranee and Cornelia all had sporting events on the same day.


After school, W.I.T.C.H. were discussing their plans for Saturday. Cornelia had an ice show, Taranee had a dance show and Will had a swimming competition. All three girls were disappointed because they would have liked to watch each other, however, they decided they could stay telepathically connected to each other.

Irma joked about using telepathy to share secrets in the classroom so Cornelia retorted, asking when Irma was going to join a sport. She said the only sport she enjoyed was throwing popcorn in front of the TV. Hay Lin said that she also enjoyed that sport, though when the other girls got angry at her, she quickly added that she and Irma would be busy on Saturday anyway.

Irma argued that she wasn't good at dancing or ice skating and that swimming race wouldn't be fun for her. Cornelia reminded her that there are other sports but Irma argued that she's also not got at horse riding, skiing, volleyball or basketball. Hay Lin said that their activity would need lots of energy and passion and that Irma would find out what it was on Saturday.

On Saturday, Irma and Hay Lin rushed between cheering for Taranee, then Will, then Cornelia. At the end of the day, both girls were tired and Irma joked that cheering for their friends was their sport.